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Kickstart your customers with Private Communities for Workato Embedded

Workato’s embedded platform lets you offer a customized integration experience for your users, connecting data from your platform to over 1000 apps. Compared to building your own connectors, embedding Workato lets you:

Scale up your connectivity at low cost by leveraging Workato’s extensive connector library
Eliminate deal friction caused by integration requirements
Increase retention by deeply integrating your product into your customer’s stack
Deliver better customer experience by learning from the integrations your customers build

However, to help your customers succeed fast, it helps to arm them with shared resources that cover common automation use cases for your app.

Embedded customers can already use Workato’s Community Library feature, with access to over half a million recipes. To make the Community Library even more useful for embedded customers, we’ve added a few new features to allow you to curate a community experience tailored to your user’s specific needs.

With Private Community, you can:

Share recipes and connectors only with your customers
Decide whether your customers should have access to the entire Community Library, or only to assets shared by you.
Share recipes that depend on a shared connector, built with the connector SDK
Highlight key use cases with badges

With a fully curated community experience, you can guide your customers to quick success with your most important integrations.

Control access to the global community

One of the most important decisions to make when planning your community is whether to give your users access to the entire global library, or whether to restrict them to only recipes you share. The full community library contains more than half a million recipes and covers almost any use case.

However, if your users generally get the most value from a small set of use cases, showing only your private library will make it easier for your users to find the most helpful assets. Limiting the selection in the community library can also give a better experience for less technical users, who may be deterred by the sheer amount of choice available in the full library.

By default, your users will see the full library. To show only your private assets, ask your CSM to update your library settings.

Share a recipe with your community

For any recipe built under your main Workato account, navigate to the Recipe Settings page. Choose the Sharing tab and click List recipe.

Optionally, you can check Make recipe recommended.

Recommended recipes will appear at the top of search results in the community library and will display a badge. The badge will look different depending on whether you’ve given your users full access to the community library.

If users can access the full community library, you will probably want to “recommend” most of the recipes you share, to help your users distinguish recipes shared by you from those that come from the community at large. For this reason, the badge will feature your company name. For example, the ACME company’s badge will look like this:


If your users can only access your curated library, you may want to choose only your most important recipes to recommend, or to recommend your newest recipes for a set amount of time. In the curated library, the recommended badge will look like this:

Accelerate time-to-value with curated communities

Workato Embedded allows you to give your customers maximum flexibility to integrate your product any way they need to. Combining this flexibility with a carefully curated library will help them solve key integration challenges fast, optimizing time-to-value.

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