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What’s it like to write code at Meta?

Ever wonder what it’s like to write code at Meta’s scale?

On the latest episode of the Meta Tech Podcast, Meta engineer Pascal Hartig (@passy) sits down with Dustin Shahidehpour and Katherine Zak,  two software engineers at Meta, about their careers and what it’s really like to ship code at Meta.

Why does Meta have a monorepo? What’s it like doing pre-commit code reviews? And what does Meta’s CI infrastructure look like? And, “How is stuff not constantly on fire?” We cover these questions and many more!

Dustin also recently authored a blog on The evolution of Facebook’s iOS app architecture.

Download or listen to to the episode below:

You can also listen to the episode wherever you get your podcasts:

The Meta Tech Podcast is a podcast, brought to you by Meta, where we highlight the work Meta’s engineers are doing at every level – from low-level frameworks to end-user features.

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