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LearningMate partners with Google Cloud to bring Student Success Services to more learners

A “one size fits all” approach to education no longer works in today’s classrooms. Using cloud-based technologies, schools and educators can take a more personalized approach to education–one that suits each student’s unique learning style, abilities, and needs. 

Taking the lead toward more equitable educational opportunities worldwide, education technology pioneer, LearningMate, is partnering with Google Cloud to offer intelligent, personalized learning via Google Cloud’s Student Success Services.

In a student survey by EDUCAUSE, a nonprofit association whose mission is to advance higher education through the use of information technology, nearly all respondents asked for more digital learning and study options. Given a list of educational material types, such as study guides and recorded lessons, 93 percent said they would like to have online access to at least two options and more than half (56 percent) chose seven or more. 

The trend towards student choice challenges educators to reconsider how they teach and support learners. Students expect the same qualities in their lessons as they encounter in their other, non-school related digital experiences: personalization; user-friendliness; and engagement. Educators who are used to a more top-down education model can struggle to meet these new expectations. 

Google Cloud created Student Success Services to help education institutions meet learners where they are—in the digital age. This suite of tools and services uses Google’s advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and analytic tools to:

Engage with students via an AI-powered learning platform and interactive tutor

Help educators and learners collaborate more effectively

Provide current, actionable data on student progress 

To bring our Student Success Services to more schools and organizations worldwide, we’re partnering with LearningMate — a global leader in digital learning infrastructure. LearningMate is a key go-to-market partner, helping schools design, launch, and maintain their own learning infrastructure. To start, LearningMate is adding Google’s AI-powered learning platform to its Frost platform, a popular content management for education. 

As the education model continues to change and digital learning becomes the norm, disadvantaged students risk getting left behind. For these learners, the “digital divide” is very real, and stands to hinder them further–not only in school, but in society and the workplace in later life. 

“The gap will only widen between those with digital advantages and those who struggle to gain access to devices and network necessities,” EDUCAUSE states. To meet all these challenges, schools need a diverse mix of tools, methods, and partnerships.

To help close the digital divide among students, digital tools need to be able to scale up or down so institutions and districts of any size and budget can use them. Google Cloud designed Student Success Services with this ability in mind. By offering these services, LearningMate aims to ensure that even schools with smaller teams and fewer resources can offer individualized learning experiences to their students. 

With LearningMate and Google’s nearly 40 years of combined experience in education, this partnership aims to help educators better understand their students’ engagement, performance, and preferences. To learn more about Student Success Services and our collaboration with LearningMate, watch this session from our Government and Education Summit.

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