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Best practices for advanced security and governance – I

In the ever-evolving landscape of enterprise automation, success lies in the empowerment of diverse skills and roles. It is through the collaboration of these different roles, working together in a structured manner, that rapid transformation at scale becomes a reality.  

However, achieving this level of collaboration at scale  demands decentralization with proper governance. By distributing responsibility for automation across the organization, while maintaining oversight and control, you can create a workspace that is both efficient and resilient for your teams to thrive.

Discover best practices for building scalable governance in your organization by joining the conversation with Director of Platform, Deven Maru. Learn how to secure business data, simplify user access management, administer workspaces, and automate audits.

What will you learn?

Security architecture for data protection
Automating user access management
Enforcing user access policies and controls
Detecting anomalies with activity audit
Securing connectivity with custom OAuth/Secrets Manager

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