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Why traditional IP networking is wrong for the cloud

It has been remarkable to witness the enterprise transition to the cloud. In just a few short years, a cloud strategy has become a given at most large companies. But in my experience, customers and partners have not been shy about the pains of the cloud journey, particularly when it comes to cloud networking.

One of the biggest challenges: the assumption that traditional IP networking from the legacy stack will support their cloud journey. In hindsight, customers are discovering that these inherited approaches only introduce more complexity—that they’re not aligned with the way that cloud providers create services or access.

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The general strategy makes sense. Enterprises take their traditional IP networking tools, purpose-built for the data center, and turn their virtual versions loose on the cloud. But networking is only half—or rather one-third—of the battle. Enterprises also need to consider security, application performance, and cost as they move to the cloud.

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