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Why security professionals should attend Google Cloud Next ‘23

Google Cloud Next ‘23 is coming to the Moscone Center in San Francisco starting Tuesday, August 29th. This year, we’re featuring a packed Security Professionals track, with more than 40 sessions covering the latest in threat intelligence, modern security operations, and advanced cloud security. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet with the engineers and product leaders building the next generation of cybersecurity solutions. 

Security executives and practitioners can learn from an exciting lineup of speakers, including experts from Google Cloud and leaders from Goldman Sachs, Mayo Clinic, Snap, Uber, and more. Register here and get ready to defend your business with the latest in frontline intelligence and cloud innovation. 

Here is just some of what security professionals can expect at Next ‘23:

Security keynote

What’s next for security professionals
Leaders from Google Cloud and Mandiant will share our latest insight into the evolving threat landscape and how generative AI and other new innovations across our portfolio can help organizations better stop threats, eliminate toil, and empower our collective talent to improve our security.

Featured speakers:
Sunil Potti, Vice President and General Manager, Cloud Security, Google Cloud
Kevin Mandia, CEO Mandiant, Google Cloud
Steph Hay, Director of User Experience, Cloud Security, Google Cloud

Security breakout sessions

1. Generative AI for defenders with Sec-PaLM 2 and Duet AI
Learn how Google Cloud’s generative AI capabilities for cybersecurity can help defenders address threat overload, toilsome tools, and leveling up talent, and explore how new Duet AI capabilities across the Google Cloud security portfolio help classify malware, concisely explain behavior of suspicious scripts, and generate threat detections and responses.

Featured speakers:
Eric Doerr, Vice President, Engineering, Google Cloud 
Jay DePaul, Chief Cybersecurity and Technology Risk Officer, Dun & Bradstreet

2. A blueprint for modern security operations
This session will outline how Google Cloud is thinking about modern threat detection, investigation, and response. We’ll outline how organizations can combine reactive and proactive techniques, gain context into threat actor activity, and leverage AI as a force multiplier to keep themselves safer.

Featured speaker:
Chris Corde, Director of Product Management, Google Cloud

3. The five indispensable technologies for securing your Google Cloud environment
Learn about the must-have security and risk management technologies for Google Cloud. Understand how to get asset visibility, configuration and vulnerability management, threat detection, and risk-based security remediation to protect your cloud environment.

Featured speakers:
Sarah Fender, Director of Product Management, Google Cloud
Nav Jagpal, Principal Engineer, Google Cloud

4. Cloud security threat briefing with Mandiant
This threat briefing explores the methods employed by malicious actors to compromise cloud services, including the exploitation of misconfigurations, weaknesses in identity and access management, and shared resources. Attendees will learn how the threat landscape is shifting and how to be more proactive by understanding evolving tactics, techniques and procedures.

Featured speaker: 
Andrew Kopcienski, Principal Analyst, Google Cloud

5. How Goldman Sachs uses Security Command Center to protect their Google Cloud environment
Learn how Goldman Sachs depends on built-in security solutions to protect their Google Cloud environment. Find out how their technology risk and security architecture team uses Google Cloud’s Security Command Center to implement preventative controls, manage risks from misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, and respond to cyberthreats.

Featured speakers:
Connor Hammersmith, Security Engineer, Google Cloud
Anton Pleshakov, Vice President, Technology Risk and Security Architecture Team, Goldman Sachs

6. Full-stack Identity and Access Management (IAM) – your options on Google Cloud
Learn how Google Cloud enables identity-first, AI/ML-powered, policy-based security to help protect your users, infrastructure, data, and applications. You’ll hear about the latest enhancements in the Google Cloud identity platform, policy-based access controls, and how we place zero trust principles at the core of your infrastructure.

Featured speaker:
Abhishek Hemrajani, Director, Product Management, Google Cloud

7. Five (and a half) actions you can take to mitigate software supply chain threats
According to Mandiant’s M-Trends 2022 report, 17% of all security breaches started with a supply chain attack. In this session, we’ll explore threats that specifically target your software supply chain and offer five (and a half) actions to mitigate them. You’ll also learn how Commerzbank is using Google Cloud’s Assured Open Source Software (Assured OSS) to reduce their risk from open source dependencies.

Featured speakers: 
Andy Chang, Group Product Manager, Google Cloud
Mark Chmarny, Product Manager, Google

8. Detecting, investigating, and responding to threats in your Google Cloud environment
In this session, we’ll cover how security teams can best detect and respond to cloud-born threats and showcase how Chronicle Security Operations seamlessly integrates with your Google Cloud environment to enable unified threat detection, investigation, and response to make your cloud safer.

Featured speakers: 
Anton Chuvakin, Advisor at Office of the CISO, Google
John Stoner, Global Principal Security Strategist, Google

9. Leverage sensitive data intelligence to protect your structured and unstructured data
In this session, you’ll learn how Google Cloud customers have reduced risk and increased their users’ trust using AI-powered sensitive data protection. We’ll also show you how to leverage the tools available in Google Cloud to discover, classify, and manage your own structured and unstructured data and to develop more proactive data governance strategies.

Featured speakers:
Jordanna Chord, Senior Staff Software Engineer, Google
Scott Ellis, Senior Product Manager, Alphabet

Register today for a complimentary digital pass to watch all Google Next ‘23 keynotes and get unlimited access to on-demand sessions.

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