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Build or buy cloud-based generative AI?

Generative AI is pushing some critical decisions and doing so very fast. Every organization faces the crucial decision of whether to build a custom generative AI platform internally or buy a prepackaged solution from an AI vendor, generally delivered as a cloud service.

The numbers and the opportunities are working in favor of DIY. That’s very strange, but the reasons may surprise you. They may even lead you to rethink your enterprise genAI strategy.

Complete customization and control

Building a generative AI platform from scratch gives an enterprise total control over its features and functions. The AI tech can precisely adapt to the organization’s requirements. This ensures compliance with the company’s unique workflows and provides a bespoke user experience. Remember that DIY generative AI can be done on public, private, or traditional platforms. Today, we’re focused on using specific genAI technology, primarily open source, either on premises or on a public cloud.

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