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What is Vertex AI? Developer advocates share more

With so much data at our fingertips, many organizations are utilizing machine learning to generate insightful predictions and improve their apps. But most teams have varying levels of machine learning expertise, ranging from novice all the way to experts. To accelerate AI innovation, you need a platform that can help you build expertise for those novice users, and provide a flexible environment for those experts. This is where Vertex AI comes in. 

Announced last week, Vertex AI unifies Google Cloud’s existing ML offerings into a single environment for efficiently building and managing the lifecycle of ML projects. It provides tools for every step of the machine learning workflow across different model types, for varying levels of machine learning expertise.

In this video, we’ll show how Vertex AI supports your entire ML workflow—from data management all the way to predictions.

If you enjoyed this video, keep an eye out for more AI Simplified episodes where we’ll dive much deeper into Vertex AI, including managing different datasets and building end-to-end machine learning workflows.

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