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What can you build with the new Google Cloud developer subscription?

To help you grow and build faster – and take advantage of the 123 product announcements from Next ‘22 – last month we launched theGoogle Cloud Skills Boost annual subscription with new Innovators Plus benefits. We’re already hearing rave reviews from subscribers from England to Indonesia, and want to share what others are learning and doing to help inspire your next wave of Google Cloud learning and creativity.

First, here’s a summary of what the Google Cloud Skills Boost annual subscription1 with Innovators Plus benefits includes;

Access to 700+ hands-on labs, skill badges, and courses

$500 Google Cloud credits

A Google Cloud certification exam voucher

Bonus $500 Google Cloud credits after the first certification earned each year

Live learning events led by Google Cloud experts

Quarterly technical briefings hosted by Google Cloud executives

Celebrating learning achievements

Subscribers get access to everything needed to prepare for a Google Cloud certification exam, which are among the top paying IT certifications in 20222. Subscribers also receive a certification exam voucher to redeem when booking the exam.

Jochen Kirstätter, a Google Developer Expert and Innovator Champion is using the subscription to prepare for his next Google Cloud Professional certification exam, and has found the labs and courses on Google Cloud Skills Boost have helped him feel ready to go get #GoogleCloudCertified 

“‘The only frontiers are in your mind’ – with the benefits of #InnovatorsPlus I can explore more services and practice real-life scenarios intensively for another Google Cloud Professional certification.”

Martin Coombes, a web developer from PageHub Design, is a new subscriber and has already become certified as a Cloud Digital Leader. That means he’s been able to unlock the bonus $500 of Google Cloud credit benefit to use on his next project. 

“For me, purchasing the annual subscription was a no brainer. The #InnovatorsPlus benefits more than pay back the investment and I’ve managed to get my first Google Cloud certification within a week using the amazing Google Cloud Skills Boost learning resources. I’m looking forward to further progressing my knowledge of Google Cloud products.”

Experimenting and building with $500 of Google Cloud credits 

We know how important it is to learn by doing. And isn’t hands-on more fun? Another great benefit of the annual subscription is $500 of Google Cloud credits every year you are a subscriber. And even better, once you complete a Google Cloud certification, you will unlock a bonus $500 of credits to help build your next project just like Martin and Jeff did. 

Rendy Junior, Head of Data at Ruangguru and a Google Cloud Innovator Champion, has already been able to apply the credits to an interesting data analysis project he’s working on. 

“I used the Google Cloud credits to explore new features and data technology in DataPlex. I tried features such as governance federation and data governance whilst data is located in multiple places, even in different clouds. I also tried DataPlex data cataloging; I ran a DLP (Data Loss Prevention) inspection and fed the tag where data is sensitive into the DataPlex catalog. The credits enable me to do real world hands-on testing which is definitely helpful towards preparing for certification too.”

Jeff Zemerick, recently discovered the subscription and has been able to achieve his Professional Cloud Database certification using the voucher and Google Cloud credits to prepare.  

“I was preparing for the Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Database exam and the exam voucher was almost worth it by itself. I used some of the $500 cloud credits to prepare for the exam by learning about some of the Google Cloud services where I felt I might need more hands-on experience. I will be using the rest of the credits and the additional $500 I received from passing the exam to help further the development of our software to identify and redact sensitive information in the Google Cloud environment. I’m looking forward to using the materials available in Google Cloud Skills Boost to continue growing my Google Cloud skills!”

Grow your cloud skills with live learning events 

Subscribers gain access to live learning events, where a Google Cloud trainer teaches popular topics in a virtual classroom environment. Live-learning events cover topics like BigQuery, Kubernetes, CloudRun, Cloud Storage, networking and security. We’ve set these up to go deep: mini live-learning courses consist of two highly efficient hours of interactive instruction, and gamified live learning events are three hours of challenges and fun. We’ve already had over 400 annual subscribers reserve a spot for upcoming live learning events. Seats are filling up fast for the November and December events, so claim yours before it’s too late. 

Shape the future of Google Cloud products through the quarterly technical briefings  

As a subscriber, you are invited to join quarterly technical briefings, getting insight into the latest product developments and new features, with the opportunity for subscribers to engage and shape future product development for Google Cloud. Coming up this quarter, get face time with Matt Thompson, Google Cloud’s Director of Developer Adoption, who will demonstrate some of the best replicable uses of Google Cloud he’s seen from leading developers. 

Start your subscription today 

Take charge of your cloud career today by visiting to get started with your annual subscription. Make sure to activate your Innovators Plus badge once you do and enjoy your new benefits. 

1. Subject to eligibility limitations. 
2. Based on responses from the Global Knowledge 2022 IT Skills and Salary Survey.

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