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Using the cloud to build more affordable housing

It’s 2 a.m. and you’ve just put the finishing touches on the option list for your new home build. Last week you picked the lot with a mountain view, and this week you’ve configured your new 2,500-square-foot home using a web-based design tool. Once your design is complete, you hit the “build” button. Three days later, you get a text that your home is ready for occupancy, the utilities are activated, and the occupancy permits already granted. You have yet to speak with a single human about your home build.

How do we get a home delivered at this speed? It will require complete automation of the design and build processes, with as few humans as possible in the mix. This includes automation of all construction-related trades, and even automation to meet all required legal checkpoints along the way. It will be a homeowner’s utopia.

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