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Upgrading Immersive Stream for XR to Unreal Engine 5.3

Google Cloud’s Immersive Stream for XR is a powerful cloud-based solution for rendering and streaming high-quality XR experiences. And now it’s getting even better with its integration of Unreal Engine 5.3. This latest upgrade unlocks a wealth of new features that empower developers to push the boundaries of immersive experiences.

New features in Unreal Engine 5.3 will significantly improve development with Immersive Stream for XR. Some of the new features include: 

Improved Lumen and Nanite capabilities deliver better visual results for hyper-realistic lighting and stunningly detailed environments with enhanced performance.

The new Material Layering System simplifies creating complex, layered materials. 

World Partition streamlines the management and streaming of massive open worlds.

Smoother frame rates, faster load times, and greater efficiency allow for more ambitious projects.

Immersive Stream for XR + Unreal 5.3 Demos

In addition to the Unreal 5.3 updates, we’ve also upgraded the Immersive Stream for XR template project with optimized blueprints, simplified logic, easier-to-use events for mode switching, and new demos. Best of all, you can now directly integrate template files into your existing Unreal projects, streamlining the creation process for developers and allowing them to craft Immersive Stream for XR experiences in both 3D and AR modes.

Upgrading to the latest version of Unreal Engine together with the simplified template project allows customers to align and streamline their workflows on the latest version of Unreal Engine with minimal integration effort.

“The upgrade to UE 5.3 has revolutionized Rotor Studios’ production process, particularly through advanced Nanite improvements that extend to landscapes and foliage, enhancing detail and performance, all while being seamlessly integrated with Google’s cutting-edge streaming technology. This update not only streamlines our asset workflow but also dramatically enriches the visual fidelity of our projects, setting a new standard for realism in our industry.” – Peter Shand, Head of Realtime, Rotor Studios

“KDDI continues to innovate with Google Cloud in creating new customer experiences using Immersive Stream for XR and is excited about the updates and features in Unreal 5.3. Our goal is to solve for the Japan market but aim to scale our solutions to global markets.” – Katsuhiro Kozuki, General Manager of Advanced Technology Strategy Department, KDDI Corporation

If you’re ready to create cutting-edge XR experiences, Immersive Stream for XR with Unreal Engine 5.3 is the platform for you. Visit the Google Cloud website for more information and to start your own XR development journey today.

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