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Trust Update: September 2022

If you work in compliance, privacy, or risk, you know that regulatory developments have continued to accelerate this year. As part of our commitment to be the most trusted cloud, we continue to pursue global industry standards, frameworks, and codes of conduct that tackle our customers’ foundational need for a documented baseline of addressable requirements. 

We have seen key updates across all regions and have worked to help organizations address these new and evolving requirements. Let’s look at the significant updates from around the world, hot topics, and the requirements we’ve recently addressed.

Global developments: Residency, portability, and more

Google Cloud meets or suprasses the standards for a number of frameworks including ISO/IEC 22301 for business continuity management and the Minimum Viable Secure Product(MVSP), developed with industry partners such as Salesforce, Okta, and Slack. Globally, we continue to address the areas of focus we know are most critical to organizations including operational resiliency, DPIA support, and international data transfers.

Highlights from EMEA 

Consistent with what we have observed historically, EMEA remains a region full of ample developments that expand the regulatory landscape.

Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) adopted for financial services organizations: One of our most recent critical announcements was our preparations for addressing DORA, which will harmonize how EU financial entities must report cybersecurity incidents, test their digital operational resilience, manage Information and Communications Technology (ICT) third-party risk, and allow financial regulators to directly oversee critical ICT providers. 

Second annual declaration of adherence to SWIPO: As presented in our SWIPO Transparency Statement, Google Cloud continues to demonstrate our commitment to enabling data portability and interoperability. Our customers always fully control their own data – including when they need to view, delete, download, and transfer their content.

Supporting our EU education customers’ privacy assessments: The recent Datatilsynet (the Danish Data Protection Authority) ruling on proper due diligence of cloud services is a helpful reminder for customers to conduct thorough risk assessments of third parties. Our latest blog reaffirms Google Cloud’s commitment to helping Education customers and the rest of our current and potential customer base conduct due diligence, including supporting privacy assessments and independent third-party attestations. 

The introduction of new requirements in Asia Pacific

We continue to monitor the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape in Asia Pacific that has been rich with new developments and the introduction of several laws so far this year. 

Addressed compliance for Australia’s DTA HCF: To help support Australian government customers with data residency and local customer support capabilities, Google Cloud is now ‘certified strategic’ under the Hosting Certification Framework (HCF) administered by Australia’s Digital Transformation Agency.

Privacy requirements in Japan, New Zealand, and Taiwan: Meeting privacy obligations remain a top priority for many organizations. To help, we’ve built compliance support for Japan’s Act on the Protection of Personal Information (APPI) along with New Zealand’s Privacy Act and Taiwan’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). 

Updated U.S. industry compliance 

In the United States, we continue to seek effective and efficient mechanisms to help our customers address their privacy and security needs. As with every region, customers can view our compliance offerings and mapping in our filterable Compliance Resource Center

Welcoming theTrans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework: Following the framework implementation, Google Cloud reaffirmed our commitment to helping customers meet stringent data protection requirements. This includes making the protections offered by the E.U.-U.S. data transfer framework available to customers when available. 

New U.S. industry compliance mappings: From public sector (DISA), to health care (MARS-E), energy (NERC) and criminal justice (CJIS), we have reviewed U.S. industry requirements and released new materials outlining how we can help customers address compliance. 

A focus on Financial Services in Latin America

Latin America remains a focus this year, with Google’s June announcement committing $1.2 billion USD over 5 years to projects in the region. Later in July, Google Cloud built on these initiatives by announcing that a new Google Cloud region is coming to Mexico

For those in one of the most heavily regulated industries like financial services, we remain focused on demonstrating our commitment to regulations in that sector. 

Meeting outsourcing requirements in financial services: We have new and updated compliance mappings for banking requirements in Brazil, Peru, and Colombia. Each new mapping is designed to support risk and compliance leaders’ need for compliance and reporting documentation. 

Using our compliance developments

We know developments are impactful not only for organizations that seek to meet requirements, but also for those team members tasked with ensuring their service providers adapt their approaches in response to critical industry developments. Many Google Cloud customers are already using our trust and compliance resources to facilitate internal and external conversations with their key customers, business partners, and regulators. Visit our Compliance Resource Center or continue the conversation with our sales team by visiting our Sales Center today.

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