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Thrive in turbulent times: lower costs and boost productivity with ChromeOS

A new year means a new start to re-evaluate priorities, set goals, and prepare your business for the upcoming months. IT leaders at companies of every size and shape face a critical challenge: how to make progress on multiple major initiatives at the same time. You are working to drive productivity, mitigate security threats, and manage your total cost of ownership. 

We face a growing list of obstacles:

The average cost of a data breach is now topping $4.35 million.1

Only 10% of IT managers’ time is spent on strategy and innovation.2 

77% of employees say they have experienced burnout at their jobs.3

Your choices matter in setting up your organization for success; maximizing sustainable value by selecting the right operating system that drives productivity, saves costs, and gives peace of mind at every endpoint is essential in 2023.

ChromeOS prepares businesses for success in all circumstances 

Google commissioned IDC, a leading third-party research firm, to conduct a study on the business value of ChromeOS across a number of use cases, including kiosks and digital signage, contact centers, virtualization (VDI), and hybrid and remote work. 

IDC’s research established that ChromeOS is a cost-effective, efficient, secure, and reliable operating system that delivers many benefits, from lower costs and higher ROI to a range of operational improvements.4

Businesses that used ChromeOS and ChromeOS devices saw an average 245% return-on-investment (ROI), 44% lower cost of operations, and $3,901 total savings per device over three years.4  ChromeOS is 63% faster to deploy than other operating systems used by study participants;4 in fact, ChromeOS devices boot up in as little as six seconds, and updates install seamlessly in the background. Not only is ChromeOS fast to deploy, it’s also secure, with ChromeOS having 24% fewer security attacks than devices using other operating systems.4There have been zero reported ransomware attacks on ChromeOS devices, ever. 

Based on these findings, we believe that ChromeOS is the best choice to help you maximize cost savings, optimize operational efficiency, and boost employee productivity and security. 

Above is an image of the benefits of ChromeOS

An operating system for every use case

In every examined use case, ChromeOS helped benefit organizations and employees: 

Kiosk & Signage: Organizations who used ChromeOS and ChromeOS devices for kiosk and digital signage experienced 34% faster resolution of outages, 26% fewer outages, and 34% lower cost of digital signage.5Hybrid & Remote Work: ChromeOS helped drive 14% higher productivity of hybrid and remote workers and 57% faster device deployment.6Contact Centers:Contact centers using ChromeOS saw 19% higher productivity of their agents and 33% faster resolution of support tickets.7Virtualization (VDI):Deploying ChromeOS for VDI helped drive 31% higher productivity of employees, 150% more VDI applications deployed per year, and 43% faster deployment of new VDI applications and features.8

Tune into our upcoming webinar on business resilience

These are just some of the ways that ChromeOS is helping businesses thrive. To learn more about how ChromeOS can help your business maximize sustainable value and financial outcomes, attend our upcoming webinar, Resilience Starts with IT, on March 9th, 2023. You’ll hear firsthand from Robyn Powell, Vice President of IT, HOTWORX and Mark Eimer, Senior Vice President, Associate CIO and CTO, Hackensack Meridian Health on how to prepare for success in any economic climate. We hope you tune in.

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