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The Next Chapter for StreamSets

Arvind Prabhakar and I co-founded StreamSets in 2014 with an audacious vision: data should be the lifeblood of the enterprise. Not just gathered in warehouses and lakes, but to drive the next advances in digital transformation with operationalized data analytics. That vision was hindered by a new reality – the constant and accelerating pace of change in data platforms, structures and semantics, aka data drift. In a world of data drift, we firmly believed that DataOps principles had to be embraced from the ground up in how data flowed in the enterprise and across enterprises. Thus we built and launched StreamSets Data Collector, which evolved into the StreamSets DataOps Platform, an enterprise-proven data integration platform designed for the modern data stack and embedded with the ability to tackle data drift at its core. 

We are fortunate to have been on an amazing journey these past seven years. The world’s largest enterprises have embraced StreamSets to modernize their data stack for data analytics with DataOps. Data engineering teams power modern business intelligence, AI/ML and smart applications with continuous data through millions of data pipelines across hybrid, multi-cloud environments. We are immensely proud of the technology and business we have built, and are honored by the customers who have entrusted their business-critical data to us.

As we look to the next phase of growth, we are thrilled to join forces with Software AG. StreamSets, a Software AG company, will operate as an autonomous business, and continue to invest in our product roadmap and customer success. We are still here to serve our loyal customer base. 

While our mission remains the same – deliver an industry-leading data integration platform for the modern data stack – Software AG brings broader hybrid integration capabilities needed for the connected enterprise. Together, we will converge application and data integration to fuel digital transformation. With use cases such as reverse ETL, real-time smart applications and IoT, our existing, new and joint customers can bring to fruition the digital backbone needed to thrive in an evolving, hybrid world.


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