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The emerging field of cloud computing forensics

We’ve all watched those prime-time crime dramas or true crime documentaries where the crime was not solved by the detective with 20 years of experience, but the man or woman who did computer forensics. Maybe the hero cracked into a smartphone to determine if someone’s alibi held up or if they were near the crime scene. Or they examined a computer hard drive to find evidence that was used in court to convict a felon.

What happens when all this moves to the cloud? Cloud forensics, of course.

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This career path keeps popping up more often these days. Recruiters are pinging me for candidate leads for many of these jobs being posted by state, local, and federal governments. Many may not pay the best, but they may let you carry a badge and become a true law enforcement agent. Instead of a gun, you have a laptop and a great deal of cloud computing knowledge to find evidence of a crime.

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