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The 7 Rs of cloud app modernization

When someone says they want to modernize an application for the cloud, what exactly do they mean? Users have one perspective: They hope modernization brings improved experiences, higher reliability, faster performance, and, ideally, more frequent feature deployments. Architects, software developers, and devops enginees have different answers as to what app modernization means. That’s because there are several technical approaches to app modernization, and the optimal choice isn’t always obvious.

For example, a workflow app used by dozens of users written in the latest versions of Java and MySQL may be an easy lift and shift to a public cloud. This approach requires little code rewriting but likely requires configuration changes, updating the CI/CD, and rerunning test automations. On the other hand, if that same application is written in Cobol and runs on a mainframe, there’s a good chance it will need an overhaul before running in the cloud.

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