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Showcase your skills: Discover new ways to skill up with Google Cloud Credentials

Google Cloud credentials, including certifications and skill badges, empower you to validate your expertise in the ever-evolving landscape of cloud technology, and work towards that next promotion or prepare for a new career opportunity in cloud. 

Going to Google Cloud Next in Las Vegas April 9-11? Check out all the opportunities to lead with learning and earn credentials. It’s still not too late to register for a digital pass.

According to a recent study led by PearsonVue, 92% of individuals with digital credentials are more confident in their abilities, and 81% have more confidence to explore new job opportunities. Whether you’re looking to enhance your career prospects, transition into a new role, or showcase your cloud expertise, Google Cloud credentials offer a great pathway to elevate your career. 

We’re excited to introduce new, easy-to-use features that help to showcase your validated skills and demonstrate your expertise with Google Cloud. Our credential earners can now manage and share their credentials in one, easy-to-access place with the Google Cloud Credential Wallet, powered by Credly. 

We invite credential earners to opt-into the Google Cloud Skills Directory, to help you gain visibility to career-relevant cloud opportunities. 

Earners can take advantage of Labor Market Insights and discover open job opportunities based on verified skills and credentials, including job titles, locations, employers, and salary insights. 

Join us for an webinar on April 17 at 8am PT to discover how to make the most of these tools and features to showcase your skills and connect to employment opportunities. And don’t miss Google Cloud Next 2024 where we have a huge number of opportunities to lean into learning and earning a Google Cloud credential. Check out all the ways to learn at Next here

Meet Nikiya: A cloud skills success story

Introducing Nikiya Simpson, a mom of three out of Little Rock Arkansas, who wears many hats: She’s a full stack engineer at a technology-based healthcare company and is pursuing her master’s degree in AI and Human-Computer Interaction at Georgia Tech, all while managing an active household.

Nikiya, an avid learner on Google Cloud Skills Boost, tackles cloud challenges at work by utilizing on-demand learning labs during breaks. These labs provide her with hands-on experience with Google Cloud products and concepts related to Kubernetes, data processing, and application development. By acquiring targeted, validated skills with skill badges, Nikiya significantly enhanced her resume and career.

“I was able to directly apply the skills obtained by earning skill badges in my career as a software engineer. I know more about cloud infrastructure, logging and monitoring, and how to create new solutions in ways that make me a better engineer. I’m also able to help people in my community spin up new projects, as well as explore new project ideas of my own.”

Now, Nikiya continues to earn Google Cloud skill badges to advance her skillset, and even achieved the Associate Cloud Engineer certification, giving her the industry credibility needed to take on more complex projects at work. She even mentors aspiring cloud developers as an ambassador within the Women Techmakers program.

Discover how Google Cloud Skills Boost and Google Cloud credentials fueled Nikiya’s engineering journey. Check out her story here:

Start your cloud skilling journey by earning a skill badge today

Try earning a Google Cloud skill badge today. Whether you’re just getting started with AI, or an experienced technical practitioner, there’s skilling for every level.  

[Introductory] Prompt Design in Vertex AI 

[Introductory] Insights from Data with BigQuery

[Intermediate] Build and Deploy ML Solutions on Vertex AI

[Intermediate] Deploy to Kubernetes in Google Cloud

See you at the upcoming webinar. In the meantime, make sure to:

Create your Credly account.

Claim your digital badges.

Access your Credential Wallet to share your badges with your network and to your resume!

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