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For Those About to Rock #DataOpsSummit

DataOps Summit 2021 is rapidly approaching. And as the premier professional conference dedicated to best practices, thought leadership, and technical education in the emerging domain of DataOps, you won’t want to miss the best lineup yet.

This year’s event will be held virtually on September 29th & 30th, with a pre-conference training sesh on the 28th. If you haven’t registered yet, now is the time! 

Not quite convinced? Then read on for 5 reasons to rock with DataOps Summit this year!

1.Learn How to Conduct Data Chaos.

We’ve got a whole roster of data leaders and hands-on practitioners ready to share their experiences, lessons learned, and wild successes with DataOps, data engineering, and data architecture. Breakout acts from companies including AWS, Axis Group, Cleverbits,, Deloitte, Manta, Playstation, SME Solutions, Unravel, Validity, and more will share things like:

The key to automating multi-cloud migrations
How to operationalize machine learning
What it takes to create a DataOps culture 
The newest design patterns for Kafka, Spark, and Kubernetes
A deep dive into real-world production architectures operating at massive scale  

2. Be Inspired by Provocative Thinkers.

This year’s main stage lineup is full of brilliant speakers delivering data-related messages. We couldn’t be more excited to discuss the future of DataOps, bust some lingering myths, and hear from Humana about Digital Transformation in Healthcare (a la DataOps, of course). Add to that the following smash hit sessions (and more), and you’ve got yourself a show!

From 1st Schema Then Data, To 1st Data Then Schema: You’ve probably heard it said that humans have evolved to be pattern recognition machines. This is why we see images in the clouds, but it also helps us function in daily life. It explains too why people feel uncomfortable and overwhelmed by chaos. When there’s too much ‘noise’ (data of any kind), we must develop technologies to modify it to become meaningful. In this way, humans and information co-evolve, and the machines we build accelerate subsequent generations’ ability to learn faster with more fidelity. This exciting session brings together two innovative builders, Thierry Cruanes, co-founder and CTO of Snowflake, and Chris Messina, inventor of the hashtag, in a discussion about inventing new ways of organizing data, unlocking patterns in the chaos, and where ‘1st data then schema’ will take the world of data next.
Emergent Patterns in Technology: What can we learn when three brilliant minds get together to map – in real-time – where data is headed? Who knows!?! Join this interactive session featuring a conversation between Dr. Theresa Johnson and Amy Heineike. With a Ph.D. in Engineering from Stanford, a background scouting tech investment opportunities, and experience as a product manager & data scientist, Dr. Johnson brings as unique a perspective as Heineike, a Cambridge mathematician and VP of Engineering at Primer AI. As the discussion unfolds, Simon Wardley, researcher at the Leading Edge Forum, will use his unique Wardley Mapping technique to plot the emergent data and technology patterns discussed and share his unique insights in exchange with Johnson and Heineike.
Evidence-based Optimism: Combating Climate Change Paralysis with Data: Question: are we currently using more resources – fertilizer, steel, paper, timber – than we did in the 1970s? GDP has skyrocketed, so surely the answer is yes, right? You’d be forgiven for thinking that. The news is full of catastrophe and calamity from human-driven global climate change. And there’s no doubt, climate change is real, and we need to address it. But when Andrew McAfee dug into the data, he found a surprisingly more positive picture than anticipated. Entering ‘The 2nd Machine Age’ actually led to a significant decrease in resource utilization. If the seemingly hopeless fight against climate change has you a bit paralyzed, join this session to renew your vigor with some evidence-based optimism and solutions for how we can continue to do ‘More With Less’ around the world. 
How Minds Change: A Guide to Navigating a Misinformation-laden World: What do cult members, conspiracy theorists, political activists, and you (yup, you!) have in common? Brains! Might be hard to believe in some cases, but as self-delusion expert and psychology nerd David McRaney would say, even ‘You Are Not So Smart.’ Brains are notorious for tricking even the brightest of us. We procrastinate because of present bias. We fail to plan for disaster due to normalcy bias (hello pandemic). We see a blue and black dress — or white and gold — because of all of the prior experiences that have shaped our neural networks. So in a world where misinformation spreads like wildfire and we can’t always trust our brains, how can we guard against that which could hurt us? Join this session as David explores the limits of reasoning, the power of groupthink, and how we can learn to question our own motives and beliefs. 

3. Become a Data Rock Star.

You may not be speaking at this year’s DataOps Summit, but you can ‘perform’ behind the scenes, have some fun, and win fabulous prizes. ‘Conductors of Chaos: The Game’ is your chance to become a data rock star. Your 5 seconds of video chaos will be combined with every other attendee’s submissions into a unique composition – right in the opening keynote. Register now to find out more (and look for details in your registration confirmation email).

4. Everything Above is FREE!

That’s right – the Main Event is free this year. So what are you waiting for? Register now

5. Get  Hands-on Training for Only $595 (and take 10% off with code DASH)

Kick off your Summit right with a pre-conference training jam on September 28th. Whether you’re just getting started or want to further your knowledge of StreamSets, we’ve got you covered.

Kickstart Training – Intro to StreamSets Data Pipelines Through a combination of labs and lectures, you’ll get started with StreamSets, using all of the components in the platform, control plane, data ingest, and transformations. Get to know the StreamSets platform and learn about sources, processors, and destinations. Learn more 

Intermediate Training – Data Engineering with StreamSets Learn how to design and develop complex data pipelines for ingestion and transformation with StreamSets, across multiple sources and destinations. Components and connectors include Snowflake, Databricks, Amazon S3, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, etc. Learn more

BONUS! We’re focusing on 5 reasons here, but there are more. We’ll have an amazing sponsor and event partner area where you can learn about the latest DataOps technologies. We’re also working overtime to make the event engaging and fun which means SURPRISES throughout. Can’t wait to see you there!

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