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Shifting down: a new way to cloud for developers

Application developers are the backbone of the modern cloud economy. The role of developers is felt in the seen and the unseen, from the smartphone apps we use every day to the network optimization that is powering a sustainable future. Given your importance in transforming so many fundamental aspects of society and industry, you’re facing more pressure than ever to remain innovative in the face of changing markets and industries. With limited time, shrinking budgets, increasingly complex environments, and compounding operational responsibilities, it’s no wonder that one of our most popular developer sessions last year at Next was focused on burnout.

Google remains a consistent advocate and ally of developers, from our ongoing contributions to open source projects like TensorFlow and Kubernetes to our free learning paths and certifications. The Application Developer spotlight session at Next ‘23 will lay out our aspiration to build a new way to cloud for developers. We favor “shifting down” instead of “shifting left,” to give you a cloud experience that is easy, fast, and secure.

An easy way to get started — with a trial at no charge for new users

Whether you’re just starting to create a new application, or laying the groundwork for your burgeoning developer career, navigating a new platform and its services can pose formidable challenges. Key details, like the more suitable Google Cloud service for running a dynamic website or estimating the cost of an application, may seem elusive. Moreover, as you transition from design to execution, it’s crucial to understand functional aspects like which APIs should be enabled or the IAM roles necessary for managing your services.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the general availability of Jump Start Solutions to streamline your introduction to Google Cloud. These application and infrastructure solutions shift many of the tasks at the initial learning and researching phase down to the platform. Jump Start Solutions adhere to best practice principles and can be launched with a single click. Plus, new Google Cloud customers can take advantage of the $300 credit sign up trial. Whether you’re looking to explore, learn, or find a launching pad for creating production-ready applications, Jump Start Solutions are an easy starting point. Each solution comes with an estimated cost, comprehensive reference architecture, and tutorials.

The Generative AI document summarization solution in the Google Cloud Console

Some of our 14 solutions available today include a generative AI-powered document summarization app and an AI-powered image processing app. These are just the beginning of a wide range of solutions which help you lay a secure and stable foundation from which to build, innovate, and grow.  

Speeding up your development with AI and automation 

Imagine training a generative AI model using the best practices, documentation, and architecture guidance of Google Cloud and applying that to your coding experience. No longer will you have to leave your IDE to research how to complete a coding task, no more repeating low-value manual tasks, and no more hunting for expert guidance.    

Duet AI is now in preview across many services in Google Cloud to help shift the burden of researching, coding, and testing, down to the platform. A few of the ways developers can use Duet AI include:

Code Completion and Code generation in your IDEs. You get recommendations as you type for full functions and code blocks based on comments, fixes for errors found in the code, and generation of unit tests for code directly in your IDE.

Chat assistance so you can use natural language to ask questions about code bases and APIs, and retrieve coding best practices. Chat assistance is available across many Google Cloud products, such as in the Cloud Console, Cloud Workstations, BigQuery, Spanner, and Apigee.

Duet AI in Google Cloud supports 20+ programming languages such Go, Java, Javascript, Python, and SQL. Thanks to Cloud Code, you can use Duet AI with many popular IDEs such as VSCode, and JetBrains IDEs like IntelliJ, PyCharm, GoLand, and Webstorm. And, with Duet AI’s source citations, suggestions provided by Duet AI are automatically flagged when directly quoting at length from a source to help you comply with any license requirements.

Enterprise companies like Wayfair who are committed to enhancing developer productivity are already using Duet AI, and are excited about how it makes life easier for their developers.

“At Wayfair, developer productivity is top of mind for us. We are excited to incorporate Duet AI in our efforts to have developers across Wayfair build applications incredibly fast! With Duet AI, we can increase developer productivity, and joy at the same time.” – Mark Quigley, Director of Engineering Enablement, Wayfair

Shifting down interoperability

Modern application development stacks are a mosaic of in-house creativity and essential third-party applications such as CRM, ERP, or payment systems. What is the lifeblood linking these siloed pieces? Integration. Building integrations demands time-consuming development work, niche skills, and deep understanding of third party systems like SAP or Salesforce. These compounding complexities can delay delivery and increase budget costs. We envision a world where platforms shoulder the burden of integration, liberating developers to innovate with their regained time. 

Today, we’re pleased to announce the general availability of Application Integration – a no-code integration platform as a service (iPaaS) designed to empower you to weave together your applications. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface transforms the complex task of integration into a simple point-and-click journey. With 75+ pre-built connectors you can link Google Cloud services like BigQuery, Cloud Storage with third-party applications like Salesforce, MongoDB, Oracle, and SAP.

Building an integration flow using connectors, visual designer, and automated triggers

Further, Duet AI in Application Integration can shift even more work away from you and onto the platform. Using natural language, you can generate a recommended list of integration flows. Because Duet AI pulls context from your environment, it generates flows using your existing APIs and assets. To further harden your integration flows, Duet AI automatically generates documentation and test cases in a single click.

Using Duet AI to build integration flows, documentation, and tests with natural language

Secure, platform-driven application development 

With the world’s attention on how AI will shape the future, the challenges created by distributed workforces continue to be felt. Developer teams need help with onboarding, access to consistent tools and libraries, and development environments powerful enough for today’s workloads.

We recently announced the general availability of Cloud Workstations, powerful, secure and customizable development environments available anywhere, using a browser, local IDE, or terminal. Cloud Workstations can shift the burden of provisioning, scaling, managing and securing developer environments down to the platform. And like many other services across Google Cloud, you can use Duet AI in Cloud Workstations to help make you more efficient with everything from writing code to implementing best practices.

While the reality of geographically dispersed and rapidly growing development teams highlights the need to address traditional concerns, such as platform and data security, even greater scrutiny is placed on the software supply chain.    

An expanded partnership with GitLab for secure DevOps

Google Cloud continues to grow at a fast pace and that means we are constantly welcoming many new developers to our platform. We know the tools you choose for software development are an important factor in your success. We want to make it easy to use the tools you love. Today we announced that Google Cloud and GitLab are partnering to offer a secure DevOps solution that can shift the work to connect our technologies down to the platform while giving you integrated source management, artifact management, CI/CD, and enhanced security features. 

Developers already using Google Cloud gain access to GitLab’s comprehensive AI-powered DevSecOps platform and GitLab customers gain access to Google Cloud’s Secure Software Supply Chain technologies like Supply-chain Levels for Software Artifacts (SLSA), software bill of materials (SBOM), and Binary Authorization policies.

We can help you gain value from Google Cloud faster with deeply integrated partner tooling. That’s exactly what we are doing with our expanded GitLab partnership. Learn more on GitLab’s blog. You can also sign up to stay informed about the latest partnership developments.

Start shifting down with Google Cloud

At the heart of Google Cloud is a simple, yet powerful idea: to empower you to do what you excel at — coding exceptional software. In the fast-paced era of digital transformation, we understand the mounting pressures that developers face, which is why we believe it’s the responsibility of platforms to shoulder the burdens hindering your creative process. We’re helping you by streamlining your onboarding experience, optimizing your coding efficiency, and shifting the weight of security from you to the platform. We’re not alone in this journey; we’re collaborating with partners like Gitlab at our side. So if you’re an application developer, check out Google Cloud. It’s the new way to cloud on the cloud platform that’s designed to make your life easier.

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