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Securing Azure Kubernetes networking with Calico

One of the interesting aspects of moving to a top-down, application-centric way of working is rethinking how we do networking. Much as the application model first abstracted away physical infrastructure with virtualization and is now using Kubernetes and similar orchestration tools to abstract away the underlying virtual machines, networking is moving away from general-purpose routed protocol stacks to software-driven networking that uses common protocols to implement application-specific network functions.

We can see how networking is evolving with Windows Server 2022’s introduction of SMB over QUIC as an alternative to general-purpose VPNs for file sharing between on-premises Azure Stack systems and the Azure public cloud. Similarly, in Kubernetes, we’re seeing technologies such as service mesh provide an application-defined networking model that delivers network meshes with your distributed application as part of the application definition rather than as a network that an application uses.

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