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A visual tour of Google Cloud certifications

Interested in becoming Google Cloud certified? Wondering which Google Cloud certification is right for you? We’ve got you covered.

Check out the latest#GCPSketchnote illustration, a framework to help you determine which Google Cloud certification is best suited to validate your current skill set and propel you toward future cloud career goals.

Follow the arrows to see where you land, and for tips on how to prepare for your certification on Google Cloud Skills Boost: 

Cloud Digital Leader-This certification is for anyone who wishes to demonstrate their knowledge of cloud computing basics and how Google Cloud products and services can be used to achieve an organization’s goals.

Associate Cloud Engineer – This certification is for candidates who have a solid understanding of Google Cloud fundamentals and experience deploying cloud applications, monitoring operations, and managing cloud enterprise solutions.

Professional Google Cloud certifications – These certifications are ideal for candidates with in-depth experience working hands-on setting up cloud environments for organizations based on their business needs, and have experience deploying services and solutions.

Professional Cloud Architect

Professional Cloud Developer

Professional Data Engineer

Professional Cloud Database Engineer

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