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Roostify simplifies mortgage processing with Lending DocAI

The home lending journey entails processing an immense number of documents daily from hundreds of thousands of borrowers. Currently, home lending document processing relies on some outdated digital models and a high dependency on manual labor, resulting in slow processing times and higher origination costs. Scaling a business that sorts through millions of documents daily, while increasing efficacy and accuracy, is no small feat. When it comes to applying for a mortgage loan, consumers expect a digital experience that’s as good as the in-person one. Roostify simplifies the home lending journey for lenders and their customers.

No time to spare: Overcoming document processing challenges with AI

Roostify provides enterprise cloud applications for mortgage and home lenders. In order to empower its customers to deliver a better, more personalized lending experience, they needed to automate and scale their in-house document parsing functionality.

As a key component of its document intelligence service, Roostify is leveraging Google Cloud’s Lending DocAI machine learning platform to automate processing documents required during a home loan application process, such as tax returns or bank statements with multi-language support. This partnership delivers data capture at scale, enabling Roostify customers to automatically identify document types from the uploaded file and to extract relevant entities such as wages, tax liabilities, names, and ID numbers for further processing, and make things move faster in the cumbersome lending process. 

Roostify’s solutions leverage Google Cloud’s Lending DocAI, which is built on the recently announced Document AI platform, a unified console for document processing. Customers can easily create and customize all the specialized parsers (e.g., mortgage lending documents and tax returns parsers) on the platform without the need to perform additional data mapping or training. All Google Cloud’s specialized parsers are fine-tuned to achieve industry-leading accuracy, helping customers and partners confidently unlock insights from documents with machine learning. Learn more about the solution from the GA launch blog and the overview video.

Integrating Lending DocAI’s intelligent document processing capabilities into the Roostify platform means more innovation for their customers and tangible results: faster loan processing times, fewer document intake errors, and lower origination costs. Additional support in Google Lending DAI for other languages and more documents like global Know Your Customer (KYC) documents or payroll reports is in the near future.

Full integration of AI solutions

Working together with Roostify’s platform team, we were able to help them solve their document processing challenge through integration of various GCP products such as Lending DocAI (LDAI), Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for redacting sensitive data, BigQuery for data warehousing and analytics, and Firestore for API status. To make it very safe and secure, all data was encrypted end-to-end at Rest and in Transit. LDAI won’t require any training data to process. It is an easy plug and play API.

Here is a sneak peek in the high level deployment architecture for LDAI in Roostify environment:

Here are the steps for processing data:

Receives document processing request from the client.

API Function directs requests to the pre-processing service. For Async requests a processing ID is generated and returned to the caller.

Pre-processing service sends the request for further processing (Long/short PDF conversion), calling other microservices and receives back the responses. Any error in the response received is then sent to the response processing service. 

If the response is synchronous, the pre-processing service directs it to the LDAI Invoker service. 

If the response is asynchronous, the pre-processing service feeds it into the Cloud Pub/Sub service.

Cloud Pub/Sub service feeds the response back to the LDAI Invoker service.

LDAI Invoker service routes the request to the Google LDAI API for classification if there are multiple pages in the document.

Document will be split based on LDAI response and then saved in a GCS bucket for temporary storage.

LDAI entity interface for single page processing and then LDAI Invoker sends LDAI results to LDAI Response Processing

If a request is a synchronous request the LDAI Response Processor sends results to the API Function so that it can complete the synchronous call and respond to the rConnect caller.

If the request is an asynchronous request the LDAI Response Processor will respond to the caller’s webhook and complete the transaction.

Finally, Data stored in the GCP bucket will be deleted.

All the responses that come from the LDAI API can optionally feed into BigQuery via the Response Processor, after parsing it through Data Loss Prevention (DLP) API to redact the PII/sensitive information.  Throughout the processing of both asynchronous and synchronous requests all transactions are logged using Cloud Logging.  For asynchronous transactions, the state is maintained throughout the process using Cloud Firestore.

Roostify currently uses this technology to power two different solutions: Roostify Document Intelligence and Roostify Beyond™. Roostify Document Intelligence is a real-time document capture, classification, and data extraction solution built for home lenders. It ingests documents uploaded by borrowers and loan officers, identifies the relevant documents, and extracts and classifies key information. Roostify Document Intelligence is available as a standalone API service to any home lender with any digital lending infrastructure already in place. 

Roostify Beyond™ is a robust suite of AI-powered solutions that enables home lenders to create intelligent experiences from start to close. It combines powerful data, insightful analytics, and meaningful visualization to streamline the underwriting process. Roostify Beyond™ is currently available only to Roostify customers as part of an Early Adopter program and will be rolled out to the market later this year.

Lenders can set the desired field confidence level. An extracted field that does not meet the set field confidence will display a warning indicator to borrowers asking them to validate the uploaded document.

If the Beyond algorithms aren’t sure about the document (i.e., with lower confidence in the classification result than that set by the admin), the user sees a message asking them to validate the task.

Through this partnership, Roostify has enabled its customers to adopt a data-first approach to their home lending processes, which will lead to improved user experiences and significantly reduced loan processing times.

Fast track end-to-end deployment with Google Cloud AI Services (AIS)

Google AIS (Professional Services Organization), in collaboration with our partner Quantiphi, helped Roostify deploy this system into production and fast-tracked the development multifold to generate the final business value.

The partnership between Google Cloud and Roostify is just one of the latest examples of how we’re providing AI-powered solutions to solve business problems.

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