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PlanetScale review: Horizontally scalable MySQL in the cloud

PlanetScale is a MySQL-compatible, serverless database platform powered by Vitess, which is a database clustering system for horizontal scaling of MySQL (as well as Percona and MariaDB). Vitess also powers Slack, Square, GitHub, and YouTube, among others. The Slack deployment of Vitess has about 6,000 servers; the current largest Vitess deployment has about 70,000 servers.

MySQL databases are easy to use when you are just starting out, but when your database grows (for example, after a year or so of operations) you can easily run into its limits. The most commonly used MySQL database engine, InnoDB, has a maximum page size of 64 KB, which limits the row size. InnoDB also has a maximum tablespace size of 256 TB, which limits the size of a table.

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