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Modernize healthcare delivery with ChromeOS

Emerging from a period of major transformation, healthcare organizations are innovating constantly to improve patient experiences and enhance clinician productivity, mobility and collaboration, while battling an ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, tight budgets, and staffing shortages. 

To address these needs, ChromeOS offers secure, easy to manage and sustainable devices that integrate with modern healthcare apps and tools. A recent study by leading research firm IDC reports that ChromeOS users lower their three year cost of operations by 44% while reducing security attacks by 24%.1

Today, we are delighted to announce an expansion of our partnership with leading identity and access management provider Imprivata, and new collaborations with best-in-class providers athenahealth CareCloud, eClinicalWorks, Flatiron, PointClickCare, and Practice Fusion. 

Clinician Workstations 

In partnership with Imprivata, ChromeOS enables clinicians to sign in and out of shared devices quickly, simply, and securely. For a clinician moving between patient rooms, signing in and out can be time consuming and frustrating. Yet, if a clinician doesn’t sign in and out of a device appropriately, patient data could be exposed, creating security and compliance risks. With Imprivata and ChromeOS, the login process is simplified, giving time back to clinicians, and securing patient data without added overhead for IT departments. In fact, Imprivata OneSign can save clinicians up to 45 minutes per shift.2 

Clinicians can access critical data and applications securely through Chrome Enterprise Recommended solution providers for Virtualization, including Citrix and VMware. 

Range of devices and peripherals to suit every healthcare organization 

For clinicians to provide better patient experiences, whether in-person or remote, they need the right tools to complement their devices, including mice, keyboards, monitors, webcams, headsets, scanners, badge readers, dictation microphones, and label printers. Leading providers like Zebra, rf Ideas, HID, Fujitsu, and Philips offer a variety of peripherals to support clinician use cases on ChromeOS.

Above is an image of a variety of peripherals that can be used with ChromeOS

Ecosystem of healthcare apps and tools

To help organizations identify the apps that run best on ChromeOS, we have launched a new “Clinician” solution track for Chrome Enterprise Recommended, our partner program featuring best-in-class third party software certified for compatibility with Chrome. 

Whenever a new app came along at AMFM’s senior care centers, we used to spend months planning the technical rollout, assessing hardware choices, and hoping that caregivers could quickly ramp up on adoption. Today, we only ask two questions: “Can we make this work with ChromeOS devices?” and “Is it web-based?” If the answer to both questions is “yes,” and it usually is, the hardware purchases, employee training, and other stressful jobs disappear. David Anderson
CIO, American Medical Facilities Management

Today, we are launching our partnerships with athenahealth athenaOne®,3 CareCloud TalkEHR, eClinicalWorks, Flatiron OncoEMR®, Imprivata OneSign, PointClickCare Core EHR Platform, and Practice Fusion.

These partners excel in access and management of patient health information across healthcare contexts — inpatient and outpatient care, ambulatory care, long-term care, oncology, and behavioral health. Learn more about these new solutions here.

Above is an image of Chrome Enterprise Recommended partner logos
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