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Microsoft’s Kubernetes for the rest of us

Building and managing a Kubernetes infrastructure in the cloud can be hard, even using a managed environment like Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). When designing a cloud-native application, you need to consider the underlying virtual infrastructure, and provision the right class of servers for your workload and the right number to support your predicted scaling. Then there’s the requirement to build and manage a service mesh to handle networking and security.

It’s a lot of work that adds several new devops layers to your development team: one for the physical or virtual infrastructures, one for your application and its associated services, and one to manage your application platform, whether it’s Kubernetes or any other orchestration or container management layer. It’s a significant issue that negates many of the benefits of moving to a hyperscale cloud provider. If you don’t have the budget to manage Kubernetes, you’re unable to take advantage of most of these technologies.

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