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Malbec subsea cable connects Argentina and Brazil with the rest of the world

Meta, in partnership with GlobeNet, has launched Malbec, a 2,500 km subsea cable that connects the Brazilian cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. In the future, it will also connect Porto Alegre, Brazil to Buenos Aires. The cable landing station based in Las Toninas, Province of Buenos Aires, is operated by GlobeNet’s subsidiary in Argentina. Malbec provides much-needed improvements in both capacity and reliability for Argentina. According to NERA Economic Consulting, the cable will increase internet penetration in Argentina by 6 percent and in Brazil by 3 percent.

Named for the Argentinian wine, Malbec doubles the previous capacity to Argentina. Utilizing recent developments in fiber optic technology, including spatial division multiplexing and the latest innovations in repeaters and transponders, the cable will enable more individuals and businesses to get online to a faster, more reliable internet.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, businesses in Argentina have moved online at breakneck speed, increasing the demand for connectivity. Malbec will help enable residents of the region to conduct business online as remote and hybrid work become the new normal. We know that economies flourish when there is widely accessible internet for businesses, and we have seen firsthand the positive impact this access has on communities. 

Cable investments like Malbec, and our recent announcements 2Africa Pearls and Apricot, reflect our commitment to openness and our innovative partnership model, in which we work with a variety of leading global partners to ensure that everyone benefits from developing scale infrastructure and shared technology expertise. Together with these partners, we build cables that are designed with an open, flexible architecture, which makes it easier to upgrade the cable equipment and meet future capacity needs.

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