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Introducing Google Cloud NetApp Volumes: Fully managed file storage for enterprise workloads

Enterprise applications require a solution that delivers control, protection, and efficiency without sacrificing flexibility. That’s why we’re excited to announce that, starting today, Google Cloud NetApp Volumes is now generally available as a first-party, fully managed service on Google Cloud. 

Imagine being able to provision, automate, and scale a file storage service with just a few button clicks. Need to migrate complex mission-critical enterprise applications? Reduce cloud waste? Reduce storage costs? Check, check, and check; NetApp Volumes can do it — and more.

By adding the award-winning NetApp ONTAP data management software to Google Cloud, we’re extending our five-year partnership with NetApp to offer a fully managed service that delivers cloud-first file storage. With NetApp’s market-leading on-prem file storage and advanced capabilities, you can unlock the full potential of today’s most demanding workloads. 

What is Google Cloud NetApp Volumes?

NetApp Volumes is a fully managed, high-performance file storage service that makes it easier, safer, and more cost-efficient to migrate and run demanding enterprise applications and workloads in Google Cloud. With NetApp Volumes, you can run either Windows or Linux applications as virtual machines quickly and efficiently, without any refactoring. 

In addition to providing NFS and dual protocol support, NetApp Volumes is Google’s first and only managed storage solution to enable SMB support for provisioning file storage for your application environment. 

With no application performance impact and space-optimized Snapshot technology, NetApp Volumes provides backup and recovery copies of your data that don’t consume additional storage resources or affect your application performance. In addition, you can leverage volume cloning, remote replication, and cross-region backup to enhance the business continuity of your different data volumes. 

NetApp Volumes unlocks new opportunities to work with cloud-first architectures along with the capability to scale volumes from 100GiB to 100TiB, so you can drive innovation without worrying about managing the underlying data. By using today’s container approaches, NetApp Volumes lets you modernize a wider range of workloads, while delivering the performance, availability, durability, and security required to migrate and support traditional workloads in Google Cloud. It’s also an ideal solution for customers looking to implement the powerful management capabilities of ONTAP for enterprise data management. 

The benefits of Google Cloud NetApp Volumes 

By partnering with NetApp to enhance our storage offerings, we’re helping you achieve your objectives for application performance, manageability, security, and costs. 

According to IDC analysis, NetApp Volumes helps organizations realize an average annual savings of $4.7 million and a three-year ROI of 457% compared to a typical on-premises deployment by:

Drastically reducing the occurrence of unplanned outages to reduce the impact of downtime

Improving the productivity and performance of IT teams through easier configuration, auditing, testing, provisioning, and scaling

Enabling organizations to foster an environment of higher end-user productivity and revenue growth through better performance, availability, and agility

“As an existing NetApp customer leveraging Cloud Volumes ONTAP and Cloud Volumes Service on Google Cloud, we are thrilled to embrace the new Google Cloud NetApp Volumes. This fully managed file storage service will provide seamless migration of enterprise applications, like Kubernetes, to Google Cloud without refactoring code or redesigning processes. Ultimately, it will simplify operations across all our IT environments.” – Anthony Lloyd, VP Technology Services, OpenText

Transform data management with Google Cloud NetApp Volumes

Start simplifying your cloud journey with continuous availability and data protection at the highest levels. Learn more about Google Cloud NetApp Volumes.

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