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Make Cyber Defense Easier with Google Workspace

Cyber attacks on government organizations are on the rise, leading departments and agency leaders to sharpen focus on securing their networks, infrastructure, and data to protect against disruptive and costly incidents and data breaches. 

With all the security measures being put in place across government and to protect individual users, today’s workforce may feel like they’ve added the role of cyber defender to their job descriptions. While security awareness is important, employees shouldn’t have to worry about clicking a suspicious link or remember multiple complex passwords in order to do their jobs. Google Cloud offers a suite of cloud-based tools in Google Workspace that provide a seamless and secure way to collaborate and work virtually, enabling employees across the enterprise to get their jobs done without undue fear of causing the next breach. 

Fortifying Federal Networks – A Primer for Every Employee’s Role in Cybersecurity 

Cybersecurity is a critical focus of the Biden administration, which issued an Executive Order (EO) and strategy that included aggressive mandates for improving the cybersecurity of the federal government. To understand what your technology teams are facing as they work to secure federal networks, consider how the cybersecurity EO impacts end-users: 

Zero Trust Architecture: Zero Trust refers to a security approach where trust in users is  established through multiple mechanisms and continuously verified to permit access to applications and resources.

Multi-Factor Authentication: To support Zero Trust, multi-factor authentication requires two or more pieces of information (more than a user ID and password) to verify a user’s identity in order to access the network or other tools and apps. 

Endpoints: Your computer and mobile devices are endpoints. Each endpoint has to be protected and monitored to ensure it is trusted. As teams continue to work in remote or hybrid environments, endpoint security is even more important because many of the security protections provided inside the corporate network are not present. 

Our Commitment to Strengthen Cybersecurity

Google has committed $10B over the next five years to strengthen cybersecurity, including expanding zero-trust programs, helping secure the software supply chain, and enhancing open-source security. We are continuing our leadership, as a pioneer in Zero Trust and are committed to helping deploy this model across the federal government. 

With Google Workspace, technology teams and the government workforce can experience the best of both worlds – security based on zero trust concepts that support the business and operations of government, easy collaboration across teams regardless of location, and seamless access from any endpoint.  To help navigate the implementation, Google Cloud has made the Work Safer program available through many partners, including technology service provider, Carahsoft. 

The Work Safer program is designed to help organizations, their employees, and partners collaborate and communicate securely and privately in today’s hybrid work environment with access to Google Cloud security for email, meetings, messages, documents, and more. It uniquely brings together the cloud-native, zero trust solutions of Google Workspace with BeyondCorp Enterprise for secure access with integrated threat and data protection that can help IT teams move away from legacy technology to realize the full potential of Google Cloud and Google Workspace collaboration and security. Carahsoft supports public sector organizations to help find the right Google Cloud service partner with technology teams who can support design, implementation, and roll-out of change management across the agency. As a leading government IT solutions provider, Carahsoft contracts help make solution acquisition easier for  the public sector. 

Empower your teams to focus on their best work, not on the next threat or attack. Google tools are built to help prevent breaches and keep agency networks and data secure. Talk to your IT team about Google Workspace Work Safer program.

Learn more about available implementation partners, and get the conversation started at

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