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Leading with Google Cloud & Partners to modernize infrastructure in manufacturing

In the manufacturing sector, flexibility and stability are crucial to delivering business outcomes. In a dynamic and unpredictable world, however, manufacturers must constantly contend with forces that can disrupt supply chains and cause instability. 

Mitigating against challenges like these are part of life for manufacturers. This is why many of them implement highly sophisticated management strategies and operational processes designed to minimize machine failures, prevent bottlenecks, and adapt to changes quickly to meet ever-changing customer demands and operational efficiency.

For the past 18 months, COVID-19 has brought with it even more unpredictability by creating recession-like conditions and causing demand issues and unprecedented complexity in the supply chain.

In this new world, manufacturers are turning to digital initiatives that can help overcome supply chain, cost, product development and operational pressure. 

Manufacturers are betting on advanced IT

Google’s own research shows that the top five areas where AI is currently deployed in day-to-day operations are quality inspection, supply chain management, risk management, product/production line quality checks, and inventory management. Manufacturers are clearly eager to adopt proven technology solutions that enable more precise supply chain intelligence and forecasting, and drive a culture of innovation with collaboration tools and digital skills enablement. This can be seen clearly when looking at 

Google Cloud and Google Workspace present opportunities to achieve both goals.  Google Cloud’s AI solutions enable manufacturing organizations to drive optimization, increase output quality, and lengthen uptime across their business–bringing new levels of flexibility and stability to their operations. This is why Google Cloud and some of its key partners are focused on providing manufacturers with the solutions and operational intelligence they need to minimize disruption, drive collaboration and achieve new levels of success.

Working with a Google Cloud partner allows manufacturers to maintain their focus on the day-to-day operations, tap into a wider range of technologies, and work seamlessly with Google Cloud services and tools for quicker ramp-up times and more value-add capabilities..

Let me show you how these partners are solving real-world business challenges.

Transforming manufacturing through real-time machine health insights

Augury combines artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT), powered by Google Cloud, to make machines more reliable, reduce their environmental impact, and enhance human productivity.  With the help of DoiT, a top Google Cloud partner, Augury’s cloud-based solution deploys IoT devices that are connected to manufacturing machines around the world.  Transforming manufacturing plants using real-time machine health insights saves millions of dollars using superior insights into the health and performance of their machines and reduces machine failure by 75% through AI and IoT.  These devices continuously send data to the cloud where it is analyzed by machine learning algorithms, resulting in insights that are immediately provided back to their customers.

With help of DoiT, our transition to Google Cloud was smooth and efficient. DoiT engineers were there to answer all of our questions, consulted with us on best practices for Google Cloud deployment, and helped us solve any issues that arose, quickly and efficiently. Gal Shaul, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Augury

Leveraging cloud services to modernize the property access experience

SentriLock is a specialized manufacturer that helps real estate owners, managers, and others make building access more seamless through next-gen lockboxes.  Cloudreach was engaged to help migrate SentriLock to the cloud, train their teams on best practices, and deliver a set of templates using Google Cloud Projects, VPC Configuration, Subnets, route tables, froles, a VPN and VPN Peering to deploy ‘Infrastructure as Code’ materials using Google Cloud.  As a result of this cloud migration, SentriLock was able to modernize its infrastructure by quickly, effectively and securely leveraging Google Cloud in an enterprise-ready format. The educational workshops empowered SentriLock’s team to accelerate time-to-value from cloud adoption and gain a deep understanding of cloud security best practices.

As part of our digital transformation, we wanted to build our new infrastructure so we could scale and minimize disruptions. Cloudreach examined our existing infrastructure and helped us deploy on Google Cloud. Their guidance was vital to the success of this project. Eric Gatton Systems Engineer, SentriLock

Accomodating a shift in business demands with easy-to-use Google communication tools

As a manufacturer of essential products, Origami was allowed to operate during the lockdown to prevent supply shortage and mill operators needed the ability to quickly inform the production team about bottlenecks.  On its legacy email server, Origami encountered frequent problems, such as missing or undeliverable emails and running out of email storage space.  With the help of Shivaami, Origami was able to speed up the flow of communication with Google Workspace resulting in 24/7 remote working email access between employees and customers, while meeting the demand for quality tissue products worldwide.  Origami was able to promote employee efficiency as employees don’t have to worry about server space that previously caused disruption to the workflow.

Shivaami eased our transition to Google Workspace with a smooth onboarding process and took away the stress from employees who had problems getting emails before the cloud,”says Pranali. “Without the worry of email access, they can work more freely and focus on what matters, their work. Pranali Sikchi, Brand Development Manager, Origami India Pvt. Ltd.

Partner specializations create unique opportunities for manufacturers

These three examples show that Google Cloud helps manufacturers achieve their digital transformation goals with intelligent, data-driven solutions that are extended by our ecosystem of partners.  One of the beauties of working with a partner is the instant access to expertise and experience necessary to align challenges with solutions and aspirations with reality. 

We continue to add thousands of people across Google Cloud to ensure our partners and customers receive all the support needed to thrive and win.  Looking for a solution focused partner in your region who has achieved Expertise and/or Specialization in your industry?  Search our Global Partner Directory.  Not yet a Google Cloud partner? Visit Partner Advantage and learn how to become one today!

Learn more about how Google Cloud is transforming manufacturing to meet changing customer expectations at our Google Cloud Next archives.

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