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You’re doing cloudops planning too late

I often remember fondly the days of the waterfall software development life cycle. Each task had a beginning and an end. One work product was the input for the next documentation or code, and while it took much longer and had very little opportunity to change directions, it was easier to plan around.

Those days are over. Today’s cloud development—or development altogether—is iterative, agile, and can change at a moment’s notice. Often amplified by very robust devops toolchains, our approach to development these days is both automated and fluid, and that’s a step in the right direction if you ask me.

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But some things are falling by the wayside. Often operations planning is either done at the last moment or not at all. Developers push out code and data structures to ops, and the ops teams must figure out quickly how to make the thing run successfully long term. Many ops and cloudops positions are going unfilled these days because they’re becoming the IT jobs that set you up for failure.

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