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Investing in our data cloud partner ecosystem to accelerate data-driven transformations

By 2023, 60% of organizations will use three or more analytics solutions to build business applications to connect insights to actions. These multiple implementations add complexity and challenges with multiple data models, disparate toolsets, and lack of integration and governance. To provide organizations the flexibility, interoperability and agility to accelerate data-driven transformations, we have significantly expanded our data cloud partner ecosystem, and are increasing our partner investment across a number of new areas. 

This week at the Data Cloud Summit, we are announcing a new Data Cloud Alliance, along with the founding partners Accenture, Confluent, Databricks, Dataiku, Deloitte, Elastic, Fivetran, MongoDB, Neo4j, Redis, and Starburst, to make data more portable and accessible across disparate business systems, platforms, and environments—with a goal of ensuring that access to data is never a barrier to digital transformation.

We are also rolling out updates to ensure that organizations can effectively utilize the expertise and power of our data cloud partners, including our new Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery initiative to help customers identify validated partner integrations with BigQuery; a public preview of our Analytics Hub to help partners share and monetize their data; a new Built with BigQuery initiative to highlight partner products that utilize our data cloud capabilities; and several new innovations and launches from our partners.

Helping customers identify validated partner integrations with the Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery initiative 

We strive to give customers the best experience when using partner solutions together with Google’s data cloud products. And as more and more customers deploy partner solutions alongside BigQuery, it’s critical that they are able to identify highly effective, validated, and trusted integrations to get the most out of their data. 

To enable this, we are launching a new Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery initiative. Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery is a validation program whereby Google Cloud engineering teams evaluate and validate BigQuery integrations and connectors using a series of data integration tests and benchmarks. Today, we’re announcing 25 launch partners whose integrations and connectors are validated as Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery:

Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery partners

For example, Google Cloud-validated connectors from Informatica help customers streamline data transformations and rapidly move data from any SaaS application, on-premises database, or big data source into Google BigQuery.

“Google Cloud and Informatica have been strategic cloud partners for the last five years, providing end-to-end, scalable enterprise-class data migration, integration and management solutions for customers. Being recognized as a Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery partner further validates Informatica’s ability to help customers be successful in their journey to cloud with Google”said Jitesh Ghai, Chief Product Officer at Informatica.

Google Cloud-validated Fivetran connectors continuously replicate data from key applications, event streams, file stores, and more into BigQuery, helping turn big data into informed business decisions. Customers can keep up-to-date with the performance and health of the connectors through logs and metrics available through Google Cloud Monitoring. 

“Customers are looking to move data reliably and securely into Google BigQuery to meet the needs of their business,” said Fraser Harris, VP of Product at Fivetran. “We are proud to announce that we have achieved Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery Designation. This marks another milestone in our long-standing partnership with Google Cloud that provides our customers with further assurance that Fivetran products work seamlessly with BigQuery – today and into the future.”

Similarly, Google Cloud-validated BigQuery and Tableauintegrations allow customers to analyze billions of rows in seconds without writing a single line of code and with zero server-side management. Organizations can create dashboards in minutes and share insights with users instantaneously.

“Tableau strives to meet customers where they are and for many organizations with large complex data problems, that’s on the Google Cloud Platform,” said Brian Matsubara, Vice President, Global Technology Alliances at Tableau. “Partnering with Google empowers our customers to explore their data in real-time to unlock actionable insights that can transform a business.”

If you are already a Google Cloud partner, sign up to get your product integration validated by our experts. To become a Google Cloud partner, click here to enroll.

Helping ISVs build and grow their applications with BigQuery

More than 700 partners power their applications with Google’s data cloud – including companies like ZoomInfo, Equifax, Exabeam, Bloomreach, and Quantum Metric. We’re committed to helping these partners both build effective products and go to market, and this week we’re excited to launch the Built with BigQuery initiative, which helps ISVs get started building applications using data and machine learning products like BigQuery, Looker, Spanner, and VertexAI. The program provides dedicated access to Google Cloud expertise, training and co-marketing support to help partners build capacity and go to market. Furthermore, Google Cloud engineering teams work closely with our partners on product design and optimization, to share architecture patterns and best practices. This allows SaaS companies to harness the full potential of data to drive innovation at scale.

“Built with Google’s data cloud, Exabeam’s limitless-scale cybersecurity platform helps enterprises respond to security threats faster and more accurately” said Sanjay Chaudhary, VP of Products at Exabeam. “We are able to ingest data from over 500 security vendors, convert unstructured data into security events, and create a common platform to store them in a cost effective way. The scale and power of Google’s data cloud enables our customers to search multi-year data and detect threats in seconds”

Click here to learn more and apply for the Built with BigQuery initiative.

Enhancing secure data sharing with Analytics Hub

We are also launching a public preview of Analytics Hub, a fully-managed service built on BigQuery that allows our data sharing partners to efficiently and securely exchange valuable data and analytics assets across any organizational boundary. With unique datasets that are always-synchronized, and bi-directional sharing, partners can create a rich and trusted data ecosystem

“As external data becomes more critical to organizations across industries, the need for a unified experience between data integration and analytics has never been more important. We are proud to be working with Google Cloud to power the launch of Analytics Hub, feeding hundreds of pre-engineered data pipelines from hundreds of external datasets,” said Dan Lynn, SVP Product at Crux. “The sharing capabilities that Analytics Hub delivers will significantly enhance the data mobility requirements of practitioners.”

Click here to join the public preview of Analytics Hub.

New launches from our data cloud partners

We’re excited to highlight several important launches from our partners themselves. At Google Cloud, we’re proud to support the fastest-growing and most innovative data and analytics companies, whether they’re running applications on Google Cloud, launching new integrations or connectors, co-creating entirely new capabilities with BigQuery, or continually tweaking and updating their platforms to provide the best experience for customers.

This week our partners Databricks, Fivetran, MongoDB, Neo4j, and Starburst Data are all announcing new capabilities for customers, including:

Databricks SQL will be publicly available for all customers on Google Cloud this month, enabling customers to operate multi cloud lakehouse architectures with performant query execution. Learn more, here.

Fivetran, in addition to joining the Cloud Ready – BigQuery initiative, is now a partner for the Google Cloud Cortex Framework. With deep experience in moving data from a variety of SaaS and database sources – including SAP, Fivetran offers Google Cloud customers accelerated time to value in unlocking the Google Cloud Cortex Framework data models, driving real-time analytics and business insights.

MongoDB is working to launch real-time integration of operational data from Atlas to Google BigQuery (and vice versa) via Dataflow Templates. This enables customers to cross-reference operational data and leverage BigQuery and it’s Analytics, as well as AI/ML tools to support use cases such as anomaly detection in IoT, product recommendations in Retail and fault detection in Manufacturing and feed these insights back to MongoDB Atlas to power the modern real-time enabled enterprise for Continuous Intelligence. This is targeted to be available in Q3/22. 

Neo4j is launching a fully-managed graph technology service for data scientists and developers to build intelligent, algorithm-powered applications with Neo4j Graph Data Science on Google Cloud.

Starburst is announcing a packaged offer for customers to enrich their BigQuery data foundation with hybrid, cross-cloud data stores.

The depth and breadth of innovation and support from the Google Cloud ecosystem is a tremendous asset for customers as they accelerate their data-driven digital transformations. Our community of expert services partners and systems integrators are heavily engaged, too – to date, our partners have earned more than 80 Specializations and more than 200 Expertises pertaining to data cloud technologies on Google Cloud. Visit our partner directory to find partners specialized in Google’s data cloud.

If you are already a Google Cloud partner, sign up to get your product integration validated by our experts. If you are looking to build your applications on Google’s data cloud, apply for the Built with BigQuery initiative. To become a Google Cloud partner, click here to enroll.

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