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Introducing Duet AI for Google Cloud – an AI-powered collaborator

Cloud developers — you’ve got it all. You can code in your choice of languages, enjoy portability with containers, minimize complexity with serverless, and manage the entire software lifecycle by following DevOps principles. But let’s face it, building and onboarding new cloud applications still requires a lot of manual planning, synthesis, and, yes, hard work. You need to research and plan your deployment, create a workable, secure architecture, and of course, you need to write the actual code,

For the last several decades, the cloud has been primarily a “do it yourself” model with volumes of options that have made development more complicated. The cloud went from overwhelmingly exciting to…. a bit overwhelming.

What if we all could bring that excitement back? What if you had some help that was available whenever and wherever you needed it? 

Say hello to Duet AI for Google Cloud

Powered by Google’s state-of-the-art generative-AI foundation models, Duet AI for Google Cloud is an always-on AI collaborator that provides help to users of all skill levels where they need it. With Duet AI, we’re on a mission to deliver a new cloud experience that’s personalized and intent-driven, and can deeply understand your environment to assist you in building secure, scalable applications, while providing expert guidance. 

As we evolve Google Cloud with Duet AI, we are looking to build a cloud platform that is more human-centric, holistic, and helpful, with responsible AI at the center of the experience:

Human-centric: With Duet AI, we are making Google Cloud more accessible and personal to any type of user at any skill level by providing them with support whenever they need it, from code recommendations for developers, to prompt-based data insights for data engineers, to chat-based app creation for business users.

Holistic: With generative AI at the center of the cloud experience, cloud development can be more cohesive, with fewer silos across functions, services, and tech stacks, providing a holistic picture in the format you want, wherever you are in Google Cloud.

Helpful: To deliver smarter, contextual recommendations for building and operating apps with Google Cloud, we pre-trained Codey, one of the foundation models that powers Duet AI, with Google Cloud-specific content like documentation and sample code, and fine-tuned it based on Google Cloud  user behaviors and patterns. 

Responsible: Our AI Principles set out our commitment to developing technology responsibly. Your code and recommendations will not be reused for any model learning and development. This helps ensure the privacy of your data and code, and also the integrity of the knowledge space from which our AI models are trained.

New capabilities available in Duet AI for Google Cloud

Here are some of the new capabilities available to get us started on our mission to deliver a new personalized and intent-driven cloud experience:

Code assistance provides AI-driven code assistance for cloud users such as application developers and data engineers. It gives code recommendations as they type in real time, generates full functions and code blocks, and identifies vulnerabilities and errors in the code, while suggesting fixes.

Code assistance auto-generates code for creating a Google Cloud Storage bucket

Code assistance will be available through multiple products and services across Google Cloud, such as in Cloud Workstations, our fully-managed secure development environment, and other code-editing experiences in the Google Cloud Console. Developers will also find code assistance in Cloud Shell Editor or via our Cloud Code IDE extensions for VSCode and JetBrains IDEs. It supports multiple languages including Go, Java, Javascript, Python, and SQL.

Chat assistance allows people to use simple natural language to get answers on specific development or cloud-related questions. Users can engage with chat assistance to get real-time guidance on various topics, such as how to use certain cloud services or functions, or get detailed implementation plans for their cloud projects. It can also provide architectural or coding best practices, helping to reduce the need to go searching for relevant documents.

Use chat assistance to get the detailed steps for deploying an app on Cloud Run

Chat assistance will also be available across multiple Google Cloud surface areas, for example IDEs, the Cloud Console, and through products and services. Whether you’re a developer, operator, data engineer, or security professional, you’ll be able to leverage chat assistance to help get more work done faster. 

Looking to optimize these features further for developers specialized in one particular area? With Generative AI support in Vertex AI, enterprises can fine-tune Codey using their own code base. They can consume these customized Codey models directly from Vertex AI today, and later this year, they will be able to connect it to the built-in Duet AI experience. And don’t worry, if you choose to train Codey with your code, your private data is kept private, and not used in the broader foundation model training corpus. You will have transparency and control over where data is stored and how or if it is used. 

Duet AI for AppSheet will let users create intelligent business applications,  connect their data, and build workflows into Google Workspace via natural language.  With no coding required, users will be able to build apps by describing their needs in a chat guided by AI-powered prompts. This makes app creation accessible to more users, which can allow developer teams to focus their time on other high-impact work.

Create business applications with Duet AI for AppSheet using natural language

Experiment with Duet AI for Google Cloud today

We believe that having an assistant who is constantly evolving by your side will not only reduce an already overwhelmed developer’s workload, but also bring back the excitement of cloud development. With Duet AI, you can navigate the cloud with more confidence, ease, and — dare we say it — fun. 

And this is just the beginning. The future of the cloud experience that we are shaping with Duet AI is full of possibilities. We believe the future of developer productivity is more targeted personalized assistance. Check here to see our vision for Duet AI for Google Cloud – the redefinition of productivity in the workplace through unique end-to-end AI assisted technologies. 

These early features of Duet AI for Google Cloud are available today for limited users and we will be expanding access very soon. Sign up here to join Google Cloud’s AI Trusted Tester Program.

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