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Innovators Plus subscribers on fast track to Google Cloud certification

Developing and validating your cloud computing skills and knowledge are important steps to stand out in the industry and progress towards your career goals. Achieving a Google Cloud certification is an investment in your future and shows that you can perform a job role at a high standard. 

The new Google Cloud Innovators Plus subscription can help you get your certified status faster because it provides a full package of training benefits to support your certification journey — with significant cost savings. It includes access to role based learning paths, the opportunity to earn Google Cloud skill badges, certification preparation courses, and a voucher to cover the cost of the certification exam. 

In addition, Innovators Plus subscribers can participate in regular live-learning events with Google Cloud specialists, and get executive live ask-me-anything access during quarterly briefings. For example, our most recent briefing featured Google Cloud PM Director Maulin Patel and his team, who shared with attendees how to unite technology with Google Kubernetes Engine to run next-generation servers for gaming platforms. You can check on the on-demand event here.

This month, we are introducing two new types of benefits with the Innovators Plus subscription. The first is 1-to-1 consultations with Google Cloud experts. Not only that, in addition to the mini-courses and Cloud Hero games offered through the Live-Learning events benefit for subscribers, we are also introducing a new format; Google Cloud Trainer Talks, with training content focused more on the intermediate and advanced levels. Read on to learn more.

How can I earn a certification?

We offer eleven Google Cloud certifications across a variety of cloud job roles. Google Cloud certifications are a great equalizer as they’re an industry-recognized credential across the globe; they represent the same demonstration of your cloud knowledge and skills, no matter where you are located. Here are our recommendations for getting started, all  part of the Innovators Plus subscription! 

Take a look at this blog. It gives you a visual tour of Google Cloud certifications, and can help you identify which is right for you. There are options for people starting their career (like Cloud Digital Leader for non-technical practitioners), and for those who already have more advanced skills and career experience with the professional level certifications. 

To start preparing, gain hands-on experience with Google Cloud by earning skill badges on Google Cloud Skills Boost. These credentials demonstrate your ability to solve real-world cloud challenges and are a great addition to your resume.

To go a step further, learning paths group relevant training according to job role.

Finally, these no-cost courses will help you prepare for Google Cloud certification exams. They give tips on improving your knowledge before the test, and for creating a study plan. 

Check out the Google Cloud certification page, which offers an exam guide and sample questions for each certification, to help you get ready for sitting the exam. 

Once you are ready to take the exam, you’ll sign up for either a remote or onsite-proctored test center and complete the exam…we are rooting for you!

Using an Innovators Plus subscription to prepare for a Google Cloud certification

Subscribers are already making the most of the Innovators Plus benefits to help them prepare and get Google Cloud certified. For $299 / year, the subscription gives you access to all the training resources listed above, a certification voucher, and up to $1000 Google Cloud credits. You’re getting over $1500 of value in the Innovators Plus benefits, all for $299 / year.

How Innovators Plus subscribers are using the benefits to prepare

Here’s what Innovators Plus subscribers Kartik, Jaspar, Julio and Lukas had to say about using the benefits to prepare for certification;

“I cleared four Google Cloud Professional certifications since I got the Innovators Plus subscription and I have a total of six Google Cloud certifications now. Appearing for one more in the coming weeks.” — Kartik Derasari, Senior Software Engineer

Earning a variety of certifications makes a candidate well-rounded in demonstrating their expertise in an array of domains. Showcasing multiple certifications can help you stand out for high-demand cloud roles and enhance your professional brand.

“It helped with my certification and personal branding. It saves me money and enables me to experiment on the cloud.” — Jaspar Duizendstra, Engineer

“I have been able to leverage knowledge, and even prepare to get recertified on several certifications I actually hold, thanks to the resources this subscription grants me.”— Julio Quinteros, Senior Enterprise Architect

Julio is referencing the need to retake the Google Cloud certification exam before your certification expires, usually within two years. Products and best practices evolve quickly in the cloud, and this ensures you’re up on the latest.

“I was able to earn a new certification after using the Google Cloud Skills Boost credits and the certification voucher. And then I was quickly able to use my new skills on the job.” — Lukas Karlsson, Founder of Altissimo in the U.S.

New Innovators Plus benefit: 1-to-1 consultations with Google Cloud experts and Google Cloud Trainer Talks

As of late March 2023, you can now get exclusive access to 1-to-1 consultations with a Google Cloud expert. Want advice on bringing your next project to live with Google Cloud? Have a tricky AI challenge you want to talk through? Would a second set of eyes help you with an architecture you’re drafting? Just tell us what you need guidance on and when you’re available to discuss live so we can match you with a relevant expert. Available now, as part of your Innovators Plus subscription, you’re eligible for one 60-minute consultation or two 30-minute consultations annually.

Google Cloud Trainer Talks are a new type of live-learning event led by Google Cloud trainers for a more advanced audience than the mini courses and Cloud Hero games currently available to subscribers as part of the live-learning events benefit. These new ‘Trainer Talk’ events will last one-two hours, and are meant to inspire you in new areas. Although they will not include labs, they will help you build deeper skills through the options available with Google Cloud Skills Boost. The debut Google Cloud Trainer Talk ‘Demystifying ML/AL with Google Cloud’, takes place on April 13, so become an Innovators Plus subscriber today and join this event. 

Join us on April 13 to hear how Champion Innovators have used Innovators Plus to grow their skills and prepare for certification 

Join us on April 13 and 9AM PTC on Twitter Spaces. Champion Innovators Jochen Kirstatter (Senior Software Engineer) and Aindrila Das (Summer Intern) will share how they have leveraged the benefits included in an Innovators Plus subscription to learn skills, build new projects, and earn Google Cloud certification.

Are you ready to get started? Join our Twitter Spaces interview on April 13 or catch up on-demand, and learn more about Innovators Plus to begin your certification journey today.

1. Based on survey responses from the 2020 Google Cloud certification impact report.
2. Based on responses from the Global Knowledge 2022 IT Skills and Salary Survey.

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