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Unlocking new ways to collaborate with Google Workspace and Miro

While many of us are navigating the shift to hybrid work, every team’s experience is unique. Distributed work is taking many different forms—from the fully remote to a specific mix of in-person and in-office—but there are potential gaps across all the places that people work. Google Workspace helps teams bridge these gaps by providing tools for them to connect, create and collaborate securely wherever they are. Today, we’re taking this one step further by announcing new ways to bring Miro’s intuitive whiteboard experience to Google Workspace so that teams can ideate and innovate more immersively.

With a shared commitment to extending inclusive, flexible collaboration experiences for all, we’re partnering with Miro to bring whiteboarding capabilities into Google Meet. We’re also deepening the existing experience within Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, making it easier for teams to ideate and co-create asynchronously and in real time. 

Deepening collaboration in meetings 

With the new Miro experience in Meet, you’ll get an immersive side-by-side video and whiteboard experience that’s ideal for brainstorming, sketching, and iteration during meetings. This approach fosters idea generation and participation from all team members, even if they’re in different locations. And using a Miro whiteboard in Meet is seamless: simply attach the Miro whiteboard to the meeting in Google Calendar or select a board during a meeting to share and collaborate in real-time. These new experiences will be available in early 2022.

Adding a Miro board to a Google Calendar invite
Collaborating on a Miro board during a Google Meet call

Seamlessly integrate content from Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides 

Real-time collaboration across a distributed team often spans multiple files—from brainstorming in documents, to project management in spreadsheets, to presenting your ideas in slides. Miro integrates with Google Drive, so teams can easily access and embed their Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides into Miro’s infinite canvas, making it easier to visualize and manage all the pieces of a project from one shared space. You can also save your Miro boards to Drive, and Docs, Sheets, and Slides automatically sync across both applications, so you’re always working with the latest content.

Access and embed Google Drive files into Miro boards

Start using Miro in Google Workspace today

The Miro app for Workspace is one of the growing number of 3rd-party applications you can use to bring the apps and services you use every day to your Google Workspace experience. Try the Miro app in Workspace with your existing credentials, or sign up for Workspace and Miro to start using the free versions together. And stay tuned for future innovation as we partner with Miro on delivering visual collaboration capabilities that are mission critical for the hybrid workplace.

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