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Humans or bots: a guidebook to protect from a range of digital fraud

Download our guidebook to learn how reCAPTCHA Enterprise can help strengthen your website security quickly.

Cyber threats on the rise  

In 2021, the United States saw 40.5% of website attacks committed through “bad bots” on the internet, with 37.2% of government website traffic being bad bots, according to research by cybersecurity firm Imperva1. As cyber threats increase, government agencies need a way to safely let constituents access digital services. Google Cloud reCAPTCHA Enterprise protects websites by distinguishing between humans and bots. Full-scale implementation of reCAPTCHA Enterprise solution expands on bot detection to protect public sector websites from a broad range of digital fraud. Below are some highlights from our new reCAPTCHA Enterprise guidebook detailing functional enhancements and ways for government agencies to take advantage of enterprise capabilities.

Advanced website protection 

reCAPTCHA Enterprise builds upon the existing reCAPTCHA API that has defended 5+ million websites for over a decade. It uses advanced risk analysis techniques to distinguish between humans and bots, protecting sites from spam and abuse as well as detecting other fraudulent activities, including credential stuffing, account takeovers (ATO), and automated account creation. 

How it works 

Detecting password leaks and credential breaches
With reCAPTCHA Enterprise’s password leak protection, agencies can conduct regular audits of user credentials, such as passwords, to detect leaks and breaches and prevent account takeovers (ATOs), as well as credential stuffing attacks. 

UI challenge vs. frictionless
reCAPTCHA Enterprise returns a score, giving you the ability to take a number of actions, including requiring additional factors of authentication or throttling bots that may be scraping content. This functionality allows you to verify if an interaction is legitimate without any user interaction.

User-friendly migration
Google Cloud’s reCAPTCHA Enterprise offers a simple migration process in which your account is moved from the reCAPTCHA Admin to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) after you create a project to migrate it to. Watch our 10-minute webinar to see how. 

A cost-effective upgrade to a standard cybersecurity solution
Google reCAPTCHA Enterprise comes with 99.9%+ uptime, multi-factor authentication, and support for Android, iOS, and web applications. Our reCAPTCHA offering is structured in a way that allows you to fully control your investment and responsibly allocate taxpayer dollars. 

reCAPTCHA Enterprise in action

Google Cloud’s reCAPTCHA protects against key automated attacks, including account creation, credential stuffing, cashing out, denial of inventory, and skewing. State governments have found success with using Google Cloud’s reCAPTCHA for cyber risk management. Wisconsin’s Workforce Development Agency used fraud detection and identification, including reCAPTCHA, to mitigate malicious bot logins on its external website, and several agencies in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania have implemented reCAPTCHA to prevent bots from booking and reselling COVID-19 vaccine appointments. 

Protecting public sector websites from bad actors can be challenging, especially with emerging threats from adversaries and extremist groups. Google Cloud’s reCAPTCHA Enterprise offers comprehensive website security solutions to successfully protect against cyber threats. 

Download our reCAPTCHA Enterprise guidebook for a detailed look at how you can use reCAPTCHA Enterprise to strengthen your website security and implement the solution quickly and easily.

1. Bad Bot Report 2021: The Pandemic of the Internet

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