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How to integrate ChatGPT into MS Word

In this post we will cover how to integrate ChatGPT into Microsoft Word. ChatGPT can boost your productivity, and significantly improve your writing capabilities. Those who don’t know ChatGPT, it is a state of the art language model which provides human like responses. It has gained huge popularity in recent months.

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Uses of ChatGPT in MS Word

ChatGPT can be used in various ways in MS Word. See some of them below –

Generate a tailored resume for the job based on the job description
Generate content for blog posts or articles
Summarise lengthy reports for you
Provide suggestions for social media posts
Create templates for emails and proposals
Help non-native speakers in translating in other languages

MS Word Add-in for ChatGPT

Integrating ChatGPT into MS Word has never been easier with this add-in. You can download it using the link below. It is absolutely free and does not even require Office 365 license.


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