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How to Build ChatGPT Clone in Shiny

In this post we will cover how you can develop your own ChatGPT clone with shiny. Since the release of ChatGPT, Chatbots are becoming more popular day by day. You can build them to interact with internal and external stakeholders. You don’t need web developers to build them. You can easily do with Shiny which is a web application framework for R. It can be deployed on Intranet or a public website, depending on your requirement. We will explore OpenAI API and intergrate it in Shiny App.

Benefits of ChatGPT Clone over ChatGPT Website

There are several benefits of building ChatGPT clone over using publicly available ChatGPT Website.
You can create a custom interface that suits your specific needs. For example putting a logo of your website
You can integrate it into your own website. Adding a chatbot feature into your website.
It is cost effective as compared to monthly paid subscription of ChatGPT website. APIs cost less than the monthly subscription. Imagine if you have 100+ users, it would be cheap to build the chatgpt clone internally rather than allowing each of them for monthly subscription.

Demo : ChatGPT clone in Shiny

I have deployed the app on for demonstration purpose. You can also see it in the animated image below.


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