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Build your cloud skills with no-cost access to Google Cloud training on Coursera

Attracting talented individuals with cloud skills is critical to success, as organizations continue to adopt and optimize cloud technology. The lack of cloud expertise and experience is a top and growing challenge for businesses as they expand their cloud footprint and search for skilled talent. 

To help meet this need, we are now offering access to over 500 Google Cloud self-paced labs made available on Coursera. A selected collection of the most popular self-paced labs, known as projects, are available at no cost for one month from April 28 – May 29, 2022. Learners can choose their preferred format to claim one month free access to either a top Google Cloud Project, course, Specialization or Professional Certificate.

What is a lab?

A lab is a learning experience where you complete a scenario based use case by following a set of instructions in a specified amount of time in an interactive hands-on environment. Labs are completed in the real Google Cloud Console and other Google Cloud products using temporary credentials, as opposed to a simulation or demo environment and take 30 – 90 minutes to complete (depending on difficulty level)Our goal is to enable you to apply your new skills and be effective immediately in real-world cloud technology settings.

Many of these labs, known in Coursera as projects, include a variety of tasks and activities for you to choose from to best fit your needs. Combine bite-size individual labs to create a personalized set of learning and upskilling with clear application in a sandbox environment. 

Labs are available for all skill levels, and cover a wide range of topics:

Cloud essentials

Cloud engineering and architecture

Machine learning

Data analytics and engineering


Here is a roundup of some popular and trending labs right now:

Getting Started with Cloud Shell and gcloud

Kubernetes Engine: Qwik Start

Introduction to SQL for BigQuery and Cloud SQL

Migrating a Monolithic Website to Microservices on Google Kubernetes Engine

Get a feel for the lab experience

Creating a Virtual Machine is one of our most popular labs, taking place directly in Google Cloud Console. In this beginner level project, you will learn how to create a Google Compute Engine virtual machine and understand zones, regions and machine types. It takes 40 minutes to complete and you’ll earn a shareable certificate.

As an example of more advanced content, Predict Baby Weight with TensorFlow on AI Platformrequires experience to train, evaluate and deploy a machine learning model to predict a baby’s weight. The lab activities are completed in a real cloud environment, not in a simulation or demo environment. It takes 90 minutes to complete and you will earn a shareable certificate.

Kick off your no-cost learning journey today

For direct access to self-paced labs, we recommend that you get started by taking a look at Coursera’s Collection Page, where you can browse labs/projects by our most popular topics, or explore the full catalog to find the cloud projects that are right for your career goals by browsing Google Cloud ‘projects’ on Coursera.

The month of free Google Cloud learning on Coursera is available from April 28 – May 29, 2022, so join us to evolve your skill set and cloud knowledge.

Ready to start your learning Google Cloud at no-cost for 30 days? Sign uphere.

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