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How innovative startups are growing their businesses on Google’s open data cloud

Data is one of the single most valuable assets for organizations today. It can empower businesses to do incredible things like create better views of health for hospitals, enable people to share timely insights with their colleagues, and — increasingly — be a foundational building block for startups who build their products and businesses in a data cloud

Last year, we shared that more than 800 software companies are building their products and businesses with Google’s data cloud. Many of these are fast-growing startups. These companies are creating entirely new products with technologies like AI, ML and data analytics that help their customers turn data into real-time value. In turn, Google’s data cloud and services like Google BigQuery, Cloud Storage, and Vertex AI are helping startups build their own thriving businesses. 

We’re committed to supporting these innovative, fast-growing startups and helping them grow within our open data cloud ecosystem. That’s why today, I’m excited to share how three innovative data companies – Ocient, SingleStore, and Glean – are now building on Google’s data cloud as they grow in the market and deliver scalable data solutions to more customers around the world.

Founded in 2016, Ocient is a hyperscale data warehousing and analytics startup that is helping enterprises analyze and gain real-time value from trillions of data records by enabling massively parallelized processing in a matter of seconds. By designing its data warehouse architecture with compute adjacent to storage on NVMe solid state drives, continuous ingest on high-volume data sets, and intra-database ELT and machine learning, Ocient’s technology enables users to transform, load, and analyze otherwise infeasible data queries at 10x-100x the price performance of other cloud data warehouse providers. To help more enterprises scale their data intelligence to drive business growth, Ocient chose to bring its platform to Google Cloud’s flexible and scalable infrastructure earlier this year via Google Cloud Marketplace. In addition to bringing its solution to Google Cloud Marketplace, Ocient is using Google Cloud technologies including Google Cloud Storage for file loading, Google Compute Engine (GCE) for running its managed hyperscale data analytics solutions, and Google Cloud networking tools for scalability, increased security, and for analyzing hyperscale sets data with greater speed. In just three months, Ocient more than doubled its Google Cloud usage in order to support the transformation workloads of enterprises on Google Cloud.

Another fast-growing company that recently brought its solution to Google Cloud Marketplace to reach more customers on Google Cloud’s scalable, secure, and global infrastructure is SingleStore. Built with developers and database architects in mind, SingleStore helps companies provide low-latency access to large datasets and simplify the development of enterprise applications by bringing transactions and analytics in a single, unified data engine (SingleStoreDB). Singlestore integrates with Google Cloud services to enable a scalable and highly available implementation. In addition to growing its business by reaching more customers on Google Cloud Marketplace, SingleStore is today announcing the establishment of its go-to-market strategy with Google Cloud, which will further enable them to deliver their  database solution to customers around the world.

I’m also excited to share how Glean is leveraging our solutions to scale its business and support more customers. Founded in 2019, Glean is a powerful, unified search tool built to search across all deployed applications at an organization. Glean’s platform understands context, language, behavior, and relationships, which in turn enables users to find personalized answers to questions, instantly. To achieve this, the Glean team built its enterprise search and knowledge discovery product with Google managed services, including Cloud SQL and Kubernetes, along with solutions from Google Cloud like our Vertex AI, Dataflow, Google BigQuery. By creating its product with technologies from Google Cloud, Glean has the capabilities needed to be agile and iterate quickly. This also gives Glean’s developer team more time to focus on developing the core application aspects of its product, like relevance, performance, ease of use, and delivering a magical search experience to users. To support the growing needs of enterprises and bring its product to more customers at scale, Glean is today announcing its formal partnership with Google Cloud and the availability of its product on Google Cloud Marketplace. 

We’re proud to support innovative startups with the data cloud capabilities they need to help their customers thrive and to build and grow their own businesses, and we’re committed to providing them with an open and extensible data ecosystem so they can continue helping their customers realize the full value of their data.

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