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How Google Cloud and partners can accelerate your migration success

As enterprises accelerate their migration to the cloud, they experience more notable mid- and late-phase migration challenges. Specifically, 41% face challenges when optimizing apps in the cloud post-migration, and 38% struggle with performance issues on workloads migrated to the cloud. Further, organizations have also increased reliance on outside consultants and other service providers for early-stage cloud migration tasks to ongoing management post-implementation.1

To help customers through these challenges with a simple, quick path to a successful cloud migration, Google Cloud created our comprehensive Rapid Assessment & Migration Program (RAMP). And we’ve got some exciting developments to share with our customers and partners: 

Expanded focus on post-migration TCO/ROI

Given the complex nature of cloud migrations, we are committed to meeting our customers where they’re at in their cloud journeys and partnering with them to achieve their business goals — be it building customer value through innovation, driving cost efficiencies, or increasing competitive differentiation and productivity. RAMP is a holistic framework based on tangible customer TCO and ROI analyses, that supports our customers’ journeys all the way through: from assessing their digital landscapes across multiple sources including on-prem and other clouds, and identifying prioritized target workloads to building a comprehensive migration and modernization plan. 

Accelerate positive outcomes with expert partners

Customers can also now expect a more streamlined migration experience through our ecosystem of partners who have completed their cloud migration specialization. Last week, we announced industry-leading updates to our partner funding programs with new assessment and consumption packages that simplify and accelerate our customers’ journey to Google Cloud, at little-to-no cost. These packages offer prescriptive pathways for infrastructure and application modernization initiatives, empowering our partners to support our customers at every stage — from discovery and planning to migration and modernization. 

Through our partner ecosystem, our customers can expect:

Distinct funding packages for assessment, planning, and migration

Faster approval processes for accelerated deployments

More partners eligible to participate in RAMP and access these new funding packages

Sustainability through migration

Another major focus area for RAMP is helping enterprises optimize their migration planning and maximize their ROI by including their business and technical considerations early in the process and including any sustainability goals they may have. To aid with their sustainability efforts, we are excited to share that customers can now receive a Digital Sustainability Report along with their IT assessments – enabling sustainability to be built into their migration strategies. The report provides actionable insights to measure and reduce their environmental impact, and is based on some of Google Cloud’s own best practices, having been carbon-neutral for decades and looking to run on carbon-free energy by 2030. 

We are committed to solving complex problems for our customers and partners, and these updates are a reflection of the feedback we receive. Simplify your cloud migration strategy today by requesting your free assessment, finding a partner to work with, or talking to your existing partner to get started.

1. Forrester Consulting, State Of Public Cloud Migration; A study commissioned by Google, 2022

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