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How DotSlash makes executable deployment simpler

Andres Suarez and Michael Bolin, two software engineers at Meta, join Pascal Hartig (@passy) on the Meta Tech Podcast to discuss the ins and outs of DotSlash, a new open source tool from Meta.

DotSlash takes the pain out of distributing binaries and toolchains to developers. Instead of committing large, platform-specific executables to a repository, DotSlash combines a fast Rust program with a JSON manifest prefixed with a #! to transparently fetch and execute the binary.

Learn how DotSlash was built, how it’s used at Meta, and how Michael and Andres’ career trajectories lead them to create this open source project at Meta.

To learn more about DotSlash:

Visit the official DotSlash site.
Visit the DotSlash GitHub repo.
Read Michael and Andres’ blog post on DotSlash.

Download or listen to the episode below:

Or find the episode wherever you get your podcasts, including:

Apple Podcasts

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