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Google Cloud Is a Leader in the 2023 Forrester Wave: Streaming Data Platforms

Google Cloud has been named a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Streaming Data Platforms, Q4 2023 report. Thank you to our strong community of customers and partners for working with us to deliver a customer focused product that helps improve performance and efficiency. We believe Forrester’s recognition is an acknowledgement of our leadership across an integrated set of capabilities that support a unified and intelligent data platform to help customers innovate and transform with real-time data. We were also honored to be named a leader in The Forrester Wave: Cloud Data Warehouses, Q2 2023 and The Forrester Wave: Data Management For Analytics, Q1 2023.

Forrester gave Google Cloud a score of 5 out of 5 across 10 different criteria and according to the report: “Google has strengths in all core streaming data capabilities (movement, analytics, processing), efficiency via autoscaling, fault tolerance, and scalability with Cloud Dataflow, part of Google BigQuery’s integrated suite. Google is a good fit for existing Google Cloud customers and for new customers who want precise autoscaling that minimizes the cost of high volume yet spikey streaming workloads.”

Using the power of real-time data to transform decision-making and AI innovation

Streaming at scale helps keep AI models up-to-date with low-latency data continuously feeding the ML models. In addition, streaming is commonly used to operationalize AI by making operational data immediately actionable. This drives new user and business value by ensuring users have access to up-to-date models and fresh insights. We continue to focus on that by making streaming ML easier and simpler with capabilities such as streaming predictions, NVIDIA GPUs, and data processing integrations so users can move with the speed with which their industries are transforming in this rapidly changing AI era. Today’s data leaders require a streaming analytics platform that provides both depth and breadth as well as an integrated and unified data solution that supports the business needs of today and the innovation opportunities of tomorrow.

In addition, we’ve designed these products for ease of use to make streaming analytics accessible to more users. This is why customers such as ANZ Bank, Mercari and others from across all industries use Dataflow to run streaming analytics workloads.

“Dataflow is helping both our batch process and real-time data processing, thereby ensuring timeliness of data is maintained in the enterprise data lake. This in-turn helps downstream usage of data for analytics/decisioning and delivery of real-time notifications for our retail customers.” – Namitha Vijaya Kumar, Product Owner, GCP SRE at ANZ Bank

“Mercari takes advantage of Cloud Dataflow for various data pipeline development.

Cloud Dataflow is fully managed, so there is no need to worry about tuning the infrastructure.

This allows non-data engineers to quickly contribute to the company’s business objectives by implementing advanced streaming processing systems, such as ML engineers building advanced near-real-time feature generation by themselves.” – Yoichi Nagai, Data Engineer of Merpay, Inc.

Google Cloud scores 5 out of 5 in criteria that drive impact

The report measures the criteria in areas that are critical to users and are aligned to our vision of empowering users to solve a broad array of real-time use cases to drive business impact and simplify their data platform. Google Cloud scored 5 out of 5 criteria such as deployment and scale:

Core streaming capabilities: Google Cloud provides a unified and open experience across data platforms and architectures, making it easy for users to move, analyze, and process data at scale within an integrated platform.Deployment features: Google Cloud offers a serverless architecture with intelligent tools like autoscaling and dynamic work rebalancing built-in to help users increase performance and improve reliability while controlling costs.Scalability: Google Cloud is built for scale and performance, regardless of the amount of data being processed. Dataflow provides horizontal scaling, separation of compute and storage, and high throughput architecture to handle large volumes of events and optimize for latency.Open ecosystem and pricing flexibility: Google Cloud offers a choice of partners and pricing options, giving customers flexibility and transparency.

We continue to be focused on solving problems that matter to you and are taking a multi-pronged approach to make real-time analytics accessible to more users. For example:

BigQuery change data capture: BigQuery support for continuous data ingestion allows streaming data to be applied to BigQuery tables directly to reduce analytics latencyCloud Pub/Sub BigQuery Subscription and Cloud Pub/Sub GCS Subscription, which provide a zero-ETL streaming data integration solutionA significant number of new capabilities for Dataflow centered around performance, developer experience and machine learning, bringing efficiency, simplicity, and intelligence to your streaming pipelines and data processingA number of resources for you to learn and adopt streaming

We are honored to be a leader in The Forrester Wave: Streaming Data Platforms, and look forward to continuing to innovate and partner with you to help transform your business with real time decisions.

Download the full report: The Forrester Wave: Streaming Data Platforms, Q4 2023. To learn more about Dataflow, visit our website and get to know the product by taking an interactive tutorial.

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