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Google Cloud Achieves FedRAMP High Authorization on 100+ Additional Services

On the heels of achieving Top Secret/Secret authorization for Google Distributed Cloud Hosted, Google Public Sector today announced it has reached another significant milestone, with more than 100+ additional cloud services now authorized at FedRAMP High.

U.S. government customers can now access leading enterprise-grade Google Cloud capabilities that span cybersecurity, analytics, AI, and more in FedRAMP High environments using Assured Workloads. The new authorization means that government agencies now have a more modern choice in cloud vendors to help them meet their missions and digitally transform via infrastructure modernization, platform enhancement, app modernization, and advanced data analytics capabilities.

Authorized on Commercial Cloud for Cost, Speed, and Innovation Advantages

Importantly, the new FedRAMP High authorization is not restricted to isolated government clouds. Aligned with the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) guidance for embracing commercial cloud-based solutions, this authorization provides new opportunities for government agencies to leverage Google’s best-in-class AI capabilities in secure environments across Google Cloud’s existing product portfolio. Google Cloud’s investment in secure-by-default infrastructure ensures that security controls are built-in without the need for a traditional isolated government cloud.

Google Cloud’s FedRAMP-authorized services, made available through Assured Workloads, allow customers to confidently secure and configure sensitive workloads to support compliance and security requirements. Assured Workloads does not rely on physical infrastructure distinct from Google’s public cloud data centers. Instead, it delivers a Software Defined Community Cloud that offers similar cost, speed, and innovation advantages of an enterprise-grade commercial cloud.

Expanded Capabilities for Federal Missions

With more than 100 new services authorized at FedRAMP High, Google Public Sector can now support a wide range of federal mission use cases, including areas such as:

AI: With the accreditation of the Vertex AI platform and other AI capabilities, public sector customers can harness the power of intelligent capabilities across a diverse set of workloads including translation, speech-to-text, document understanding, call center automation and analytics, predictive analytics, and integration of multi-modal capabilities. These services can help optimize resource allocation, enhance citizen interactions, and improve operational resilience and efficiency.Security: Google Cloud brings zero trust and security oversight capabilities to customers at FedRAMP High with its leading Google Security Operations and Security Command Center platforms. These tools help public sector customers perform end-to-end risk management, security monitoring, and threat detection and response.Data and analytics: Our data and analytics portfolio has been enhanced with new capabilities allowing customers to perform sophisticated analytics via Google Cloud’s BigQuery platform, including a multi-petabyte catalog of satellite imagery with Google Earth Engine.

We are excited about adding over 100 new services to our FedRAMP High authorized Assured Workloads. This milestone brings the best of Google Cloud’s AI, security, and data and analytics to help our federal customers with some of their most sensitive workloads. We’re committed to helping agencies accelerate their digital transformations with scalable, secure, and flexible cloud services.

Visit our FedRAMP Compliance page for a complete list of FedRAMP High Authorized services.

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