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Unleashing the Power of AI for Government and Education: Join Public Sector GenAI Live & Labs in NYC!

2023 sparked a whirlwind of excitement around AI, but 2024 is about turning that buzz into tangible progress. With that in mind, I’m thrilled to share that we’re hosting Public Sector Generative AI Live & Labs, a half day event designed for public agencies, research institutions, and academia in the region to discover how Google Cloud’s AI technologies can fundamentally accelerate their work and impact. Whether you’re a government leader striving for greater efficiency or a higher education innovator seeking to enhance research and student success, this event offers invaluable insights and practical tools to unlock the potential of AI in your organization.

Event information:
Date: Wednesday, February 28, 2024
Time: 11:30am – 4:00pm ET
Location: Google NYC Pier 57
Register now

This event offers a unique opportunity for leaders, practitioners, and developers alike to experience firsthand the transformative power of Generative AI (GenAI) for public good. Whether you’re a seasoned executive seeking strategic insights or a hands-on developer looking for practical applications, our half day Public Sector Generative AI Live & Labs has something for you.

Here’s what you can expect:

Tactical Demos and Use Cases: Dive deep into real-world examples of how GenAI is being applied across diverse sectors, including:Streamlining social services: Explore how AI can automate eligibility checks, personalize outreach, and optimize resource allocation to deliver crucial benefits efficiently and equitably.Enhancing public safety: Discover examples of AI improving emergency response, predicting crime hotspots, and analyzing data to prevent threats and protect communities.Securing elections: Learn how AI can identify and prevent interference, ensure ballot security, and maintain public trust in the democratic process.Accelerating scientific research: Witness the power of AI in analyzing complex data, predicting outcomes, and revealing new scientific insights.

Join us at Public Sector GenAI Live & Labs in NYC to:

Supercharge your work: Discover AI-powered solutions to automate tasks, extract insights from data, personalize citizen interactions, and optimize resource allocation.Serve your community better: Learn how AI can help you deliver more efficient, effective, and equitable services to your constituents.Get inspired and empowered: Connect with peers, share best practices, and envision a future where AI empowers you to achieve more for the public good.

Register now and discover the potential of GenAI to revolutionize your agency’s work and make a lasting impact on your community. Register now.

Let’s explore the possibilities of AI together and build a brighter future for the public sector.

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