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Get Ready for Private Preview! StreamSets Engine for Snowflake Snowpark

It’s no surprise when organizations implement the Snowflake Data Cloud as their internal standard for their overall data strategy. Especially as Snowflake continues to advance its offerings.

Recently, Snowflake announced the public preview of Snowpark. As part of the Snowpark Accelerated Partner Program, my team and I are excited about the game-changing capabilities Snowpark brings to our current and future users.

Sign up for the Private Preview of the StreamSets’ engine for Snowflake Snowpark. And, get ready for hands-on access, coming for all interested parties on January 3, 2022!

Expect Superior Performance & Extended Functionality with Snowpark

Snowflake’s introduction of the separation of storage and compute gives customers the ability to store massive amounts of data and run any number of complex queries without taking a performance hit. With Snowpark, you can also now run complex data processing jobs natively in the Snowflake Data Cloud which previously would have required external Spark clusters. 

For data scientists and data engineers this addition to the Snowflake Data Cloud provides greatly extended functionality. 

ML model training
Running custom libraries in your data pipelines
Running complex data processing logic such as data quality and standardization functions
And, much more.

What is the StreamSets Engine for Snowflake Snowpark?

StreamSets Engine for Snowpark allows data engineers to go beyond SQL to express powerful data pipeline logic with the StreamSets DataOps Platform. Utilizing Scala or Java through an intuitive graphical interface, users can choose no code, or drop-in code when they want.

StreamSets Engine for Snowpark provides all the benefits of StreamSets DataOps Platform with built-in monitoring and orchestration of complex data pipelines at scale. And it does so in the cloud, with no additional hardware required.

Learn What You Can Do During Private Preview

Private Preview for our Snowpark Engine will be available in the StreamSets DataOps Platform by January 3, 2022. Sign up for your opportunity to be part of our early access program.

I’ll personally be leading some live sessions and helping 1:1 to show some of the more advanced capabilities.

Here are just a few of the things I will be helping people apply to their efforts:

Build fully functional pipelines that span SQL statements and advanced custom logic. 
Learn how to import and use your custom Corporate libraries in data pipelines using UDF’s. (Let’s be honest, we all have these and they are so rich with business logic, yet so far away from the data!)
Convert a Python notebook into a visual StreamSets pipeline that anyone can understand and follow. Think about it, no need to explain to others or decipher what others have written as it relates to complex data processing logic. 

Here is an image from inside our internal preview environment of the StreamSets Engine for Snowpark where we’ve converted a Python notebook that ran on Spark into a visual pipeline which ran 100% in Snowflake.

Here is another example, using the StreamSets Engine for Snowpark to perform Data Warehouse processing by using our Slowly Changing Dimension processor.

Snowflake Snowpark is the perfect coalescing of SQL and Spark which can now be harnessed with the StreamSets DataOps Platform, 100% hosted and executed serverlessly in our cloud.

Simply sign up and let us show you how your data processing is now only limited by your imagination when you use StreamSets and Snowflake Snowpark! I cannot wait to meet you and get started!

Note: This Private Preview is available to both existing Snowflake users who have access to Snowpark and new users who sign up through an Accelerated Partner. (If you don’t have Snowflake yet, please follow this link to sign up for your free trial of Snowflake.)


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