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Founders and tech leaders share their experiences in “Startup Stories” podcast

From some angles, a lot of startup founders consider broadly similar questions, such as “should I use serverless?”, “how do I manage my data?”, or “do I have a use case for Web3?” 

But the deeper you probe, the more every startup’s rise becomes unique, from the early moments among founders, to the of hiring employees and creation of company culture, to efforts to find market fit and scale. These intersections of “common startup challenges” and individual paths to success mean almost any founder can learn something from another, across industries and technology spaces. 

To give startup leaders more access to these stories and insights, we’re pleased to launch our “Startup Stories” podcast, available on YouTube, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. Each episode features an intimate, in-depth conversation with a leader of a startup using Google Cloud, with topics ranging from technical implication to brainstorming ideas over glasses of whiskey. 

The first eleven episodes of season 1 are already online, where you can learn from the following founders and startup leaders: 

KIMO: Founder and CEO Rens ter Weijde, founder and CEO of KIMO, a Dutch AI startup focused on individualized learning paths, discusses how the concept of “mental resilience” has been key to his company’s growth.

Nomagic: Ex-Googler Kacper Nowicki, now founder and CEO at Nomagic, a Polish AI startup that provides robotic systems, shares his experience closing an important seed round

Withlocals: Matthijs Keij, CEO of Withlocals, a Dutch experiential travel startup that connects travelers to local hosts, explores how her company and industry adapted to COVID-19.

nPlan: Alan Mosca, founder and CEO of software startup nPlan, recalls that he knew what kind of company culture he wanted to build even before determining what product he wanted to sell. 

Huq Industries: Isambard Poulson, co-founder and CTO at UK-based mobility data provider Huq Industries, shares how his company persevered through the toughest early days. 

SiteGround: Reneta Tsankova, COO at European web-hosting provider SiteGround, explains how the founding team remained loyal to their values while handling rapid growth.

Puppet: Deepak Giridharagopal, Puppet’s CTO, explains how Puppet managed to build its first SaaS product, Relay, while maintaining speed and agility.

Orderly Health: Orderly Health software engineers share who created an ML solution to improve the accuracy of healthcare data, including how they built the initial product in only 60 days and how they leverage Google Cloud to innovate quickly and scale.

Kinsta: Andrea Zoellner, VP of Marketing at US-based WordPress hosting platformKinsta, tells us how the company opted for a more risky and expensive investment in order to prioritize quality.

Yugabyte: Karthik Ranganathan, founder and CTO of Yugabyte, reveals all of the challenges of building a distributed SQL database company that provides a fully managed and hosted database as a service.

Current: Trevor Marshall, CTO at Current, tells us how he started his journey and how Google Cloud has supported the success of his business. 

We’re thrilled to highlight the innovative work and business practices of startups who’ve chosen Google Cloud. To learn more about how startups are using Google Cloud, please visit this link.

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