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Innovating Operations in Agriculture: Kramp’s Real-Time Analytics Journey

Kramp, a stalwart in the distribution of agricultural spare parts and accessories across Europe, embarked on a transformative journey five years ago with a bold vision to overhaul its data management system. Since then Kramp has made significant strides in integrating advanced technology solutions to enhance their operational efficiencies and customer service. 

About Kramp

Originating from the Netherlands, Kramp has established itself as a leading distributor in the agricultural sector, not just within its home country but across Europe. With a strong emphasis on logistics, an extensive range of products, and an unwavering commitment to customer service, Kramp has been at the forefront of catering to the needs of the agricultural, forestry, and construction sectors. Their strategic approach to adopting technological solutions, particularly through the integration of Striim for real-time data analytics, positions Kramp as a visionary in leveraging technology for business growth and efficiency in agriculture. 

Challenges Kramp Was Facing

Kramp began a significant transformation of its data management systems with a goal to shift their existing data warehouse to a cloud-based infrastructure on the Google Cloud Platform. This move aimed to boost decision-making and operational efficiency through the adoption of near real-time analytics. The transition involved moving from a traditional, batch-load dependent data warehousing approach to a more dynamic, cloud-based infrastructure, which encompassed their e-business platform and analytics powered by BigQuery. During this process, Kramp encountered challenges with their legacy data migration solution, particularly around product maturity and the high maintenance required, which compromised data quality. This prompted Kramp to seek out more reliable alternatives to meet their needs.

Striim’s Solution

Kramp adopted Striim for its powerful, mature real-time data integration, seamlessly connecting diverse databases like Oracle, Microsoft, and Postgres, to ensure continuous, high-quality data replication essential for forecasting and order management. Striim’s platform provided a developer-friendly environment and stability across Kramp’s data operations. It strengthened business operations, empowering sophisticated machine learning projects and immediate data analysis. The comprehensive support and extensive documentation from Striim further enabled Kramp to scale and maintain its systems with minimal overhead. 

We’ve been with Striim for three years now and are extremely pleased with the support they provide. Our architecture has evolved significantly during this time. Initially, we started with just one on-premise server with four cores. As our needs grew, we encountered capacity constraints, prompting us to invest in additional cores. About a year ago, we migrated from a single node to a two-node cluster. Through this growth, Striim has remained reliable and scalable.
Sergey Korolev
IT Solution Developer at Kramp

Kramp’s Results

Boosted customer satisfaction: Instant order status updates increased transparency and significantly reduced customer service interactions.Accelerated order processing and cost-savings: Automation of order updates optimized workflows with minimal latency and a decrease in customer inquiries led to lower operational costs and heightened efficiency.Elevated business performance: Access to fresh data improved KPIs like order processing and stock management for superior business outcomes.Built trust and reliability:  Stable and precise data integration enhanced trust with flawless data transfer accuracy.

One of the most notable benefits we’ve experienced since integrating Striim into our operations has been the significant enhancement in how we communicate with our customers. The real-time updates on order status have not only improved transparency but have also led to a reduction in customer service calls. This change has streamlined our operations, allowing us to allocate resources more efficiently and improve overall customer satisfaction.
Oliver Meisch
Manager Business Intelligence at Kramp

Redefining Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction Through Real-Time Analytics

Kramp’s strategic adoption of Striim for real-time data analytics has transformed its operational efficiency and customer service standards. By addressing challenges in legacy data management systems and embracing innovative solutions, Kramp has not only achieved notable cost-savings and optimized its internal processes but has also significantly enhanced customer satisfaction through transparent and timely communication. With a visionary approach to leveraging technology for business growth and efficiency, Kramp continues to lead the way in the distribution of agricultural spare parts and accessories across Europe, setting a benchmark for the industry.

Discover more about Kramp’s journey firsthand in our detailed case study!

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