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Expanding partner solutions at the network edge

High-speed connectivity to the network edge is growing. As it does, organizations with presences at the edge have opportunities to apply digital technologies and cloud capabilities that can streamline business processes, create exciting new experiences for consumers, uncover insights from data at the edge, and more.

Late last year, we announced a new initiative to bring partner solutions to the network edge. We were delighted with the response – at launch, more than 30 partners joined to deliver more than 200 solutions to the edge on Google Cloud. Today, our partners are supporting customers in industries like retail, media and entertainment, and manufacturing with solutions to manage data from connected machines on shop floors, deliver new digital retail experiences for shoppers, manage fleets of connected vehicles, and support many other use cases.

Today, we’re delighted to expand this initiative, adding support for solutions from more than 20 additional partners. These solutions span use cases like video analytics and smart surveillance, edge data storage infrastructure, artificial intelligence, as well as network management and control.

By bringing these solutions to Google Cloud, our partners are enabling the rapid delivery and deployment of new services and capabilities at the edge, which can leverage Google Cloud services and capabilities including Anthos, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and data analytics. Anthos will act as a consistent platform to deliver these solutions to the network edge, leveraging Google’s edge network as well as high-speed 5G connectivity from leading CSPs that are working with us to build this unique ecosystem. 

Partners joining our edge and ISV ecosystem today include:

AirHop Communications will provide its real-time, AI and ML-driven 4G/5G RAN automation and optimization solutions on Google Cloud, helping communications service providers deliver greater spectral efficiency and improved end-user experiences, while helping to reduce costs.

Arrikto will deliver its MLOps platform on Google Cloud, helping teams bring models to market more quickly, and deploy ML to the network edge with Anthos and Kubeflow.

BitBrew, a Danlaw company, will deliver its Cognitive Edge Compute and 5G Connectivity solutions on Google Cloud, simplifying the connectivity and management of edge devices with Data, OTA (Over The Air) & Analytics services for mobility and smart city initiatives.

CARTO will bring its cloud-native geospatial platform to the edge on Google Cloud, enabling communications service providers to accelerate spatial analysis and application development by leveraging data at the network edge, Google BigQuery, and CARTO’s Spatial Extension.

Casa Systems is bringing its cloud-native 5G Core with ultra-low latency and multi-gigabit edge computing services on Google Cloud, helping communications service providers reduce end-to-end transport costs and converging mobile and fixed broadband user experiences at the service edge.

Ciena will deliver its Adaptive Network and network automation software on Google Cloud, providing secure, high-speed, and elastic connectivity between customers and Google’s edge network.

FogHorn is bringing its Lightning™ Edge Platform and Solutions to Google Cloud, with native integrations providing edge-to-cloud AI and ML services, model retraining and auto publishing to FogHorn edge nodes.

F5 will deliver its BIG-IP, NGINX, Shape, and Volterra solutions on Google Cloud, extending secure application delivery, insights, and scale for any edge environment.

Highway9 Networks, Inc. will deliver its 5G-ready edge cloud solutions for enterprises on Google Cloud.

Keysight will provide its Edge-to-Core test solutions for O-RAN and 5G Core to help customers quickly validate new, cloud-native technologies and will deliver its comprehensive systems analysis capabilities to ensure end-to-end performance and operational efficiency.

Kognition AI, a provider of enterprise cyber-physical threat detection systems, will deliver its patented AI software on Google Cloud, helping customers improve operations, increase security, and lower costs.

Leverege will deliver its low-cost, massive-scale enterprise IoT solutions for asset tracking, remote monitoring, workflow optimization, and process automation on Google Cloud, with edge use cases across multiple industries.

NetApp will help customers manage and access data at the edge by delivering its edge storage infrastructure on Google Cloud.

NXN will offer its smart digital services integration and delivery platform, as well as its Command and Insights platform on Google Cloud, providing seamless access to its smart city control platform at the edge.

Phenix Real Time Solutions will bring its real-time streaming platform to Google Cloud, enabling customers to deliver broadcast quality content with sub-second latency at a global scale. will bring its cloud-native Application eXperience Infrastructure to the edge on Google Cloud, helping enable secure and optimized access to applications for users, and simplifying operations and application delivery for businesses.

Quantiphi Inc. will deploy its intelligent video analytics and low-latency edge AI solutions on Google Cloud, enabling smart surveillance, improved customer experience, and intelligent operations for 5G service providers and enterprises.

Section, an Edge as a Service provider, will apply its capabilities in infrastructure provisioning, workload orchestration, scaling, monitoring, and traffic routing to Google Cloud, helping customers accelerate their edge strategies.

 Sigmoidwill deliver its open source, real-time analytics and custom-AI solutions for enterprise customers on Google Cloud.

Vapor IO will bring its edge-to-edge automation, intelligent colocation, networking, and interconnection services to customers via Google Cloud, helping enable seamless, high-performance delivery of applications to the network edge.

VoltDB is bringing its 5G- and IoT-optimized data platform to Google Cloud, empowering companies to deliver game-changing applications that unlock new revenue streams or prevent revenue loss through single-digit millisecond contextual decisioning.

ZEDEDA will provide its zero-trust, cloud-based orchestration solution for distributed edge computing to help Google Cloud customers securely scale deployments of any edge application including AI/ML on choice of hardware.

To learn more about running ISV applications at the edge with Google Cloud, please reach out to your Google Cloud partner or representative.

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