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Driving business growth and efficiency with AI and Workato (APJ)

AI is transforming business automation, making it more efficient and precise. By using smart algorithms, companies can streamline their operations and gain a competitive edge. Furthermore, integrating AI strategically is essential for ongoing growth and innovation.

Discover how Workato and GenAI can revolutionize your business by automating key processes across recruiting, employee experience, customer support, invoice processing, content localization, revenue operations, and more. 

We’ll also highlight how Workato ensures the safe and secure use of GenAI with robust governance models, providing users with strict controls to guarantee data privacy.  

Join this Product Hour session to explore live demos of real-world applications of GenAI, and learn how to unlock high-value outcomes through seamless integration and automation.

What will you learn?

AI adoption and usage trends
Protecting data with guardrails
Automating decision-making with AI
AI powered workflows demos
Why humans and AI must work together

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