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Docker Desktop comes to Linux, adds extensions SDK

Docker is extending its popular Docker Desktop application to integrate with a wider range of developer tools, as well as providing native support for developers working on Linux workstations.

Announced today during DockerCon, Docker Extensions is launching with 14 partner integrations: Ambassador, Anchore, AquaSec, EverX, JFrog, Layer5.io, Okteto, Portainer, Red Hat, Snyk, SUSE/Rancher, Tailscale, Uffizzi, and VMware.

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Those launch partners can be grouped into three main buckets: simplifying Kubernetes deployment (VMware Tanzu, Okteto, Portainer, Red Hat, Rancher), secure software supply chain (Anchore, AqueSec, JFrog, Snyk), and supporting hybrid development environments (Ambassador, Tailscale, Layer5, Uffizzi).

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